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  • Comment on “We don’t feel the pressure. We apply the pressure,” Therrien says (2013-05-01 20:18:59)
  • Comment on “We don’t feel the pressure. We apply the pressure,” Therrien says (2013-05-01 20:12:45)
    I missed it Pete, what did he do?
  • Comment on Saturday pre-game reads (2012-01-14 14:33:27)
    Goodonya, I forgot about him...I was thinkin forwards :-) I still think though that he's the exception rather than the rule...and that we need to see a bit more of that type of player getting drafted.
  • Comment on Saturday pre-game reads (2012-01-14 12:56:43)
    That's a good post, but one nit The players you mentioned as big players drafted by Montreal, to me are not big players. I consider a big player is 6'4" tall, somewhere in the neighborhood of 220 pounds (even on draft day) and not afraid to throw it around. We just haven't recently drafted anyone of that description that I can recall. I'm not saying avoid small players, just lets try a late round pick or two on a big angry dude, huh? Or if we can't do that, at least invite someone like that to camp...there's got to be some big kid in the province of Quebec who didn't get drafted, but can play a little and would love to go to war for the Canadiens. Look, losing sucks, but it happens. Getting pushed around should never happen, though.
  • Comment on Habs recall Leblanc from Hamilton (2011-11-29 00:43:08)
    Also Malone nothing for the headshot on Campoli in the preseason. You want a rock solid look at inconsistency? In his statement on Max's hit he said the onus was on the player to avoid the headshot...while on the Malone/Campoli hit it was basically not Malone's fault because Campoli was bent over reaching for the tell me, Shanny, why does Malone not have the same onus, cause it looked to me like Letang had his head down also. Also, not our team but Crosby elbows a guy in the head SPECIFICALLY TARGETING it no less..and doesn't even get a review.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not a classic, but a darn good game as Bruins eke out 1-0 win (2011-11-21 22:49:12)
    Its not games like this, where you play another good team, that kill us. Its games against the Islanders or the Flames or Avs that really hurt. Those games should have been wins if they paid attention to detail...if they were we would comfortably be in teh playoff picture. That is the difference between the Habs and the teams at the top (Pens, Bs)...those teams bring it every night. Biggest game of the season is in Carolina on Wednesday.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not a classic, but a darn good game as Bruins eke out 1-0 win (2011-11-21 22:38:34)
    You, sir, are either a troll or . This was a GREAT game that could hve gone either way. But for one bounce this ould be ours. To retort: YES we can win 9 straight if we play like this every game. Paches: 9 goal in 20 games. That is on pace for 36 goals. If you think that's not being the same player I suggest you find a stantion to ram YOUR head against. Re; the little three...yeah they've been slow...but they'll pick it up (well maybe not Gomer but you gotta have faith in the other two) as the playoffs come nearer. These guys have been playing GREAT this year. The results just have not been there. THis team is SO much better than the team that finished 1st in the conference in 2008. 5 on 5 play is the true measure of a team and the Habs are 4th in teh league. Just get that PP going like we know it can and there's no stopping us.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Undefeated – and unscored on – in the St. Denis era (2011-11-16 16:27:10)
    I like the way you think, Evil. But if Gomer's a D that means he'd actually have to play within 10 feet in front of a net..and I ain't sure that's going to happen.
  • Comment on Making new friends in Boston (2011-11-15 23:37:24)
    Your post is right on. I had thought that Bettman and Campbell would try to compete against the NFL, MLB or NBA. But they are really trying to compete against MMA and the WWE. That is what sells south of the border. Think about it...who wants to watch skill and grace when we could see blood on the ice? We are headed back to the days of "Slapshot" because ultimately that is what sells. It stinks but it is what it is. PG and JM are trying to manage the team toward an ideal of speed and skill that (I'd like to believe) most true hockey fans enjoy....but that's just not the game now. Its about appealing to the morons and for that you need carnage. So, like in the 70s the Habs must adapt their game once not become necessarily the toughest team in the league...but one that has a fair shot of competing without injury or being pushed around. I am not sure the leadership of the team will realize and accept this.
  • Comment on Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate (2011-10-03 18:59:09)
    No suprise at all about the non-suspension. If there is one message we've been hearing from the league office it that, while headshots and payer safety are a a player, you can do whatever the **** you want to do to any Montreal player with complete impunity. Seriously, do you think for 1 minute that if it was Stamkos or Crosby or Kane or some other star on an American team who got hit while in a prone position that there would not have been a suspension? In this age where the league won't enforce the rules when it comes to the Montreal Canadiens..we must enforce it ourselves. It stinks. I don't like it. I despise goon hockey, but it is what it is. I'm tired of seeing my team be the victim here...I want to see someone with a Boston or Philadelphia or Tampa sweater be the ones to leave on stretcher.