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  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-23 18:36:47)
    I think the frustrating thing about being a Habs fan these past couple of years is that they show signs of brilliance (e.g. hockey played just before the holiday break OR the effort against CHI), but then immediately not showing up for a game or two. It seems like in the month of January, win one, lose one or two, win one, lose won. NO CONSISTENCY! Some observations: - Eller's signs of brilliance at the start of the season has really slowed down. - The lethal PP to start the season seems to have been ineffective. The point shots aren't getting through and the big bodies are not in front of the net (Gally is the only one that gets in front of the net). - I feel for Pleks these past few seasons as I'm thinking he must hold some sort of record for most wingers in a season! - Is Markov playing hurt? Are PK's Norris votes going away? - Carey stole one of his first games when the team last played in OTT. He needs to do this more often. - I look back on the season and the 6-2 win is the only game they've played where they have totally 'managed' the opposition... Can they play a top team in a series and actually come out on the winning side? Their inconsistency this month is a most definite NO! MB has to do something...NOW!
  • Comment on Habs given day off Thursday after loss in Philly (2014-01-10 08:35:24)
    Perhaps the team should go bowling? :-) I'm a little disappointed with this team this year again...they show signs of brilliance (PIT and BOS wins) and then complete collapses (e.g. New Year's eve CAR game, PHI game this week, etc.), not to mention another loss in Calgary in October. Offence is a struggle at times (thankfully, not as bad as the Flames as I saw Halak last night earn the SO). In the back of my mind, I'm hoping the PK benching does not brew into another Roy incident to a lesser extent: PK goes to arbitration and then signs elsewhere and claims the Norris for several years in his career. Saturday is showtime! Will the real '13/'14 Habs team please show itself? GO HABS!
  • Comment on Prust set to return to Habs’ lineup (2013-11-13 14:49:21)
    hi fellow hab fans, this is my first post in some time, but wanted to hear some of your feedback after watching a disappointing performance by everyone but the goalie. i question if this is a playoff team. i feel it lacks consistency, and when put to a true test (COL, SJ, TB), it falls short. take away PK and markov, i feel this is a very average defense. the EGG line looks promising for several years; pleks is a great two way forward, but beyond that, the team has a number of inconsistent efforts (gio, bourque, max p, etc.). i used to criticize martin's style of coaching and would question if there would ever be another hab in the top 10 scoring. therrien brought a little more office to the game. but the team stuggles in OT and shootouts. good cup teams have two and possibly three strong lines up front; this year's team does not. and IMHO, the briere signing doesn't add much. i'm hoping max p is going through a rough patch; the team needs him to find the net again. DD may be the next person that should be bought out. moen is ineffective and i question why white plays the SH game. it will be nice to have prust and emelin back in the lineup. i've always maintained that emelin's presence is a welcome one (just look when he went down and what happened to price's game last year). one more question i ask: what is the team's identity? price and PK? in years past, it was "roy's team" or "koivu's and kovalev's team"...just don't know whose team this is this (or last year)... on a final note, i realize that cole's departure was for team payroll and potentially he not 'getting' therrien's system. ryder has consistently put the puck in the net (unless if carbonneau is the coach), and is doing that in a NJD uniform this year. so basically, cole was moved, ryder was a rental and the money that was saved in order to assist with purchasing the briere contract? not sure i'm a big fan of that move. the goal tending situation is above average as is half the defense; the team needs to score more and learn to find a way to light up the lamp in the shootouts, otherwise, i'll find myself using a leaf fan's lines for years: there's always next year! love to hear your comments!
  • Comment on Habs look to end slump against Lightning; Beaulieu sent back to Hamilton (2013-04-18 11:42:51)
    This reminded me of the Centential year. If I remember correctly, Gainey was behind the bench with Carbo before he took over. I was at the embarrasement game when they lost 7-4, they went to Edmonton, lost another, they then went bowling as a team. They went on to lose in Van. PAINFUL. I don't know what's changed...Emelin's absence takes away hits. Is Theirrien being outcoached? While the goalies have let some softies, the defence also has left them out to dry on some of the goals... Let's hope this slump ends pretty quickly!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-12 10:59:40)
    If Gally wins the Calder and MT wins the Adams trophy, it will be like the Expos of last year when Harper captured NL rookie of the year and Johnson was the coach of the year!
  • Comment on Habs given day off before facing Bruins (2013-04-05 14:32:09)
    MT has really surprised me this season. I definitely think that coaching (in addition to a reasonably healthy lineup) is a major factor of the team's success this year! I feel the Habs have the ability to win against any team in the East. As Hossa was available a few years back, Gainey said that it would affect team chemistry too much by what they had to give up. Bergevin's moves that he has made (and also offering contracts during a season unlike BG) have been good. Would I have liked to see a larger forward added? For sure...but the team is working well. Some random thoughts: - PIT has loaded up and I question the chemistry factor gelling in time for the playoffs. - BOS and PIT first round departures would fast track MTL's road to 25. - Price, IMHO, has yet to steal a game this season for the Habs (a la Halak). Finally, I'm still trying to find the identity of this team...after Kovy's and Kovu's departures, who is the face of the franchise? Price? PK??? It should be an interesting remainder of the season!
  • Comment on Bouillon signs one-year contract extension with Habs (2013-03-20 16:52:23)
    TSN posts that Komisarek has waived his no trade in order to be placed on waivers! I'm sure that there will be a team that will pick him up...cheaply. Frankie has always been a solid, defensively responsible D. Glad he's back. Does the whole Kaberlae healthy scratch thing remind anyone of the Jannie Niinima signing? They both were traded for and didn't play very much. The only snag with Kaberlae is that's a lot of cap room sitting in the press box!
  • Comment on Leblanc, Tinordi among Habs cuts; Galchenyuk stays (2013-01-18 14:27:41)
    And so starts another season...against the Laffs...again! Some general comments: - I don't think the Habs were as bad as people made them out to be last year considering the amount of games lost due to injury. - I'm hoping that MT's game plan includes a little more offence and improvement of the shootout. I believe had the shootout record been reversed last year, they may have squeaked into the post season. - I'm curious to see if the #1 line can have a repeat performance. The #2 can compete with other teams, and the grit added with the off season moves will be good. - AK27 got signed for $1M by FLA today. Reading through various TSN comments, I have to agree, this is good value. Expect nothing but help on the PP and in the shootout, areas that the team struggled with last year. I'm interested to see how he will do this year in the sunshine state... TSN had the team finishing out of the playoffs. I don't think they are in any ways stacked with the offensive talents of PIT or NYR. If the offence comes alive this season, the defence is stable and Price plays like that of 2 seasons ago, anything is possible. GO HABS!
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 14:01:33)
    Great to hear that Mike's back...let's hope that hockey will be back soon too! On a completely unrelated note, anyone notice that the Expos have the best record in baseball?
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 13:53:41)
    I think he would help the PP and shootout. $1M for the year...