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  • Comment on Quick Hits/About Sunday evening … (2011-03-21 02:26:38)
    because of all the stories about injuries from markov to pacioretty, and Price's resurgence as a #1 NHL goaltender, PK has quietly had a very good season. Of course people know he's been paying well, but because of his slow start no one has really mentioned him when talking about the Calder Trophy. I think, however, that while he may not win it, PK is certainly worthy of consideration for rookie of the year. Among rookie defencemen, he is 1st in goals, power play goals and points, 3rd in assists and 1st in shots. His only negative stat is his -2 rating but its not surprising considering he's on a team missing so many regulars. I think that this far into the season, Logan Couture and Jeff Skinner have been the two best rookie forwards. On the back end, i think its reasonable to say that the best two rookie defencemen have been PK Subban and John Carlson. This leaves PK with good odds at the Calder Trophy and another step towards becoming the superstar of this teams future
  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-11-23 00:46:36)

    i agree that hockey requires more endurance, but comon, you cant discount the NFL. if you try to argue that talent, speed, decision-making and endurance arent part of football than you dont watch/play it. i mean, look at running backs: darren sproles is 5'6 and 180 lbs and gets hammered play after play by guys twice his size. he gets back up and gets right back in the game without even hesitating.

    hockey is a better spectator sport, but football is equally demanding, albeit in a different way.

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-11-23 00:34:50)

    NFL players who are more athletic than anyone in the NHL will ever be:

    mike vick, chad ochocinco, antonio gates, ray lewis, ed reed, champ bailey, darelle revis.... thats just the tip of the iceberg

    also dont diss on the o-line. i'd like to see any NHL player bench 225lbs 35+ times

    fun fact: Ndamukong Suh (6'4, 307lbs) runs a 4.98 in a 40-yrd dash. not an athlete my a**

  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-30 00:52:22)

    I'll take RDS over TSN or CBC any day. The only problems with RDS are the incredible obsession with Quebecois players, no matter how bad they are, and the incredible lack of hockey knowledge Joel Bouchard has. He played like 20 games a season for 6 seasons but he's convinced he knows everyone in hockey, and then when he does to the board to draw up what players should have done, he points out the most painfully obvious thing he can. He also has the biggest man-crush on Crosby anyone in the hockey business has: "Oh et quel beau jeu de Crosby, une excellente decision" as Crosby dumps the puck into the opponents zone to make a line change.

  • Comment on It’s too quiet (2010-04-04 12:07:03)

    As good as Halak has been, I still see Price as the future of the Canadiens. In the hockey hotbed that is Montreal, no matter what anyone says, we can't have the two #1 goalie system. There will always be a controversy which will in turn affect the goalies' play. At the same time, Price is not the type of goalie who can play once every 3 weeks, even after a good game. From what I can tell, he's the type of guy who needs to play 65 or 70 games a season. We've all seen how well he plays when his confidence is up, but what Martin's been doing certainly doesn't help. What I can say is that if Price is dealt, I'm following him wherever he goes (hopefully Chicago).