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  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 22:57:40)
    I love Subban, I really do. But if you think PK will be better than Doughty you're off your rocker, friend.
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-19 18:10:09)
    Talking Heads Sonic Youth As for when I was growing up in the 90s: Pavement Yo La Tengo
  • Comment on Bergevin ‘glad’ to sign Pacioretty; Subban talks ‘cordial’ (2012-08-15 10:35:25)
    The point stands that Gomez isn't a problem if it comes down to him, or Subban. Easy choice.
  • Comment on Bergevin ‘glad’ to sign Pacioretty; Subban talks ‘cordial’ (2012-08-14 18:52:16)
    Drew Doughty wasn't signed until late September last year, if I remember correctly. Give it a rest, PK will get signed. I also think it'll be a long-term deal. There isn't any threat of an offer sheet because Montreal has the financial weight to match anything offered (won't have the stress that Nashville had), and even the cap scenario is easy to navigate because it's as easy as loaning out Gomez to a European squad and tell him to go have a nice vacation. PK will be wearing Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge for a long time, and likely the rest of his career. I do share your concern about Therrien, but I feel he's a stopgap waiting for Quenneville to get chased out of Chicago (or another option that hasn't been considered yet). We have the time for that stopgap because we won't be pushing as a contender for at least two years. Guys like Galchenyuk, Tinordi, and Beaulieu aren't likely to make the jump to the NHL this year. When those three (and guys like Leblanc and Gallagher) are ready to jump into the limelight and take on big roles this team will start rounding into form. With PK, Price, and Patches signed longterm we have a solid core of three young potential all-stars to go with some strong veterans in Gorges, Markov, Plekanec, and Cole. All of whom have some term on their deals. This season we might make the playoffs, given Markov's health (big IF, I know), but we've got a bit of a logjam of prospects that came up to Hamilton this year that will be ready to make an impact in a couple of years.
  • Comment on The Cup is ours! (2012-07-12 18:56:18)
    You play way too much NHL 2012...
  • Comment on Eller signs for two years (2012-07-09 15:39:32)
    Pacioretty doesn't give himself enough credit. Before the Chara hit he was playing on a line with Gomez and Gionta, and was on pace for a 30 goal/82 game season. He put up 33 with Desharnais. His rate of production basically stayed level moving from a line with Gomez, to that of Desharnais. Adding a bull like Erik Cole doesn't hurt your production either. Desharnais's upside is marginal at best. He doesn't have the speed of a St. Louis, nor does he have the tenacity and shooting ability of a Gionta (or a Gallagher for that matter). You need at least one of those skills as an undersized player to be effective long term in the NHL. I was screaming bloody murder all last season that we needed to spread our sized wingers (Cole and Patches) out over the first two lines to make space for both top line centers. Isolating Desharnais with our two best big forwards is a waste of resources long term. I would much prefer to see a long term depth chart at center of: 1) Galchenyuk: depending on how he develops, we're banking on him being a potential franchise center, hard to find, but that's the potential he possesses 2) Plekanec: good, consistent offensive production, fantastic defensive awareness. Good power play player, elite penalty killer 3) Eller: good size and skillset. Has potential to pot 20 goals a season in a 3rd line role (16 last year is good production for a 3rd line center who still has room to develop). He also plays well defensively, he played a lot of tough minutes last year and came out with a respectable -5 on what was a pretty poor team. 4) A centerman with speed/grit, and can play some tough minutes. Ryan White fits the bill now but this position is pretty flexible. Desharnais has hit his ceiling, I don't see any potential for growth (no pun intended) and if Bergevin were smart, he would sell while Desharnais' stock is high. But the two big problems are that the rest of the league probably sees Desy for what he is (undersized and insulated with two great power forwards), and that he's French Canadian and the fanbase would march on the Bell Centre with torches and pitchforks in hand for trading a way a 'local star'.
  • Comment on Eller signs for two years (2012-07-09 15:26:48)
    Except his last contract was almost double what Eller is making this year, and Eller is bigger and can play in his own end.
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-11 08:50:15)
    If we have the luxury of having two 30 goal scorers on our second line then yes, we can win the cup. Unfortunately that just doesn't happen in the NHL. Desharnais is, at best, a #2 centre or nothing. Can't play 3rd/4th line minutes due to defensive deficiencies and the inability to create offence without help. To exacerbate the issue, that help takes away from the production of better players on the team, because he's being hidden between our two best wingers. You can't win a Cup with Desharnais at the 2 slot. Pleks can be a #2, because he can kill penalties, and is much less of a gamble in his own end. If our depth chart looked like #3 pick; Plekanec; Eller we'd be much better in the long run. This love affair with Desharnais is driving me insane. Ship him off while his value is semi-high (unfortunately it's not as high as Habs fans rate him, because he can't even break the World Championship lineup). He's one of two centres in the league who has two 30+ goal scorers on his wing; the other is Adam Henrique, with Kovalchuk and Parise, do we really want to heap the praise on Henrique for being a great center? Or did he too win the winger lottery and looks good because of it?
  • Comment on The playoff scramble … elsewhere (2012-04-04 11:33:25)
    Luckily, for once, many of the best candidates available are bilingual.
  • Comment on Price concussion is premature, Habs say (2012-04-02 22:14:24)
    Problem is that they have an ancient goalie who can't handle the rigours of an NHL season, and their defence is putrid. Stamkos has scored over 1/4 of his team's goals. Montreal has a goaltender, and some strong defenders coming up through the system (to go along with PK, Gorges, and Emelin, not to mention the possibility of Markov returning to form). We lack a dynamic scoring punch. A lottery pick can provide that, as the 'losing culture' teams have proven (in Hall, Nash, Stamkos, Nugent-Hopkins et al.) Add a player of that pedigree to Montreal's core and this team can turn it around a lot faster than people give them credit for.