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  • Comment on The Great Dane (2011-08-30 22:10:22)
    Or not 2B . . .
  • Comment on Jean BĂ©liveau: True class turns 79 (2010-08-31 11:35:21)

    All the best to M. Beliveau on his birthday!

    I've related the story of my encounter with him on here before, so I won't again.  Suffice to say that moment was one I will always treasure.  He is a true gentle man . . . with a noble and kind heart. 

    I placed his autograph at the head of my desk so that each day I am reminded of his influence on me, which goes 'way beyond sports and my love for the Canadiens.

  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-02 09:25:58)
    I loved how Bob Cole kept getting cut off as the broadcast went to commercial . . . happened many times. Either he didn't know when to stop talking, or the technicians didn't care he was still talking! I'm glad I decided to miss Cherry and the Hot Stove League during the intermissions. Sounds like I couldn't have stood it!
  • Comment on First F. Place (2008-03-01 21:33:22)
    That shift by Lapierre was brilliant . . . all that digging snuffed the Devils' momentum! Wow!! Effort! Way to go all Les Boys. You wanted it . . . we wanted it . . . I wanted it . . . feel only slightly silly after yelling at my TV set for the last few minutes!! Allons!
  • Comment on Last chance to send greetings to Pocket (2008-03-01 12:26:56)
    Cher M. Richard, Recalling that Feb 29th was your birthday and reading the many birthdays wishes from your fans, old and new, brought back sweet memories for me growing up as a Canadiens fan cheering for you and all our players -- road hockey, every afternoon after school, till well past dark, skating at the neighbourhood rink in all kinds of weather (mostly sub-zero!), and the glorious feeling of being bone tired after many hours of both -- all proudly wearing my #16 Montreal sweater. Please add my voice to the many who honour and respect you -- and who wish you the happiest of birthdays. Joyeux anniversaire!
  • Comment on Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp (2008-02-26 18:50:02)
    frank81 -- thanks for clarifying my error . . . it was a REAL quick look I took, obviously. So it's more like at 56th pick (as things stand now).
  • Comment on Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp (2008-02-26 18:31:07)
    Just getting ready to hear the press conf . . . kept waiting all day for the other skate to drop after the Huet trade for what seemed like almost nothing. Overall, I am glad we didn't give up what Pitt did for Hossa. And, If I read the current standings correctly, if the season ended now, that second round pick is somewhere around 37th to 40th overall (just had a real quick look at it, admittedly). Not that bad. Some of us here wanted Price to take the lead . . . here goes. I'll sure be watching tonight!!
  • Comment on Forsberg signs (2008-02-26 00:34:00)
    Pass. Plus, he's a wee bit injury prone -- only played one full season in his career since 03/04. Then again, I'm biased. I had him in 05-06 on my pool team, the year he missed 67 games, and he earned me 5 pts in his 15 games.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-24 17:05:29)
    KJ -- I take your point about both ways proven to work. Some people believe one way, some the other, as you said. All I said, or meant, is let's take Price, and Halak for that matter, along slowly. Making them 1-2 right now is an iffy proposition -- IMO. In my post, I don't think I acted "like spending years in the minors is the only way," but it seems that Fleury and DiPietro have had significant time and experience in the minors compared to the NHL. Here is some info on the tenders you mentioned, from HockeyDB: Luongo, drafted #4 in 1997. No question, he learned in the NHL. He spent 35 games in the AHL. 483 in the NHL. Like Roy, he is an exception. Fleury. #1 overall in 2003. 165 games in the NHL (incl playoffs). 92 in the AHL. DiPietro. #1 in 2000. 266 games in the NHL. 134 in the AHL and IHL (14 games). Halak. #271 in 2003. 61 AHL games. 18 NHL games. Price. #5 in 2005. 36 AHL games (counting 22 in last year's playoffs). I also did not say that Gainey doesn't think Price belongs in the NHL. I support BG's decisions. And I like Price, big time. And I think he can be a franchise player as do you.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-24 16:05:32)
    We might get Richards for Huet, Streit, a prospect AND a pick. But then we'd have to pay him $23.4M for the next 3 years. IMO, that's too much. You spoke of Huet "blocking Halak & Price's growth." Not sure I agree with that. Goalies do not / cannot learn in the Bigs. They mature over a longer time, most of them (Roy is the exception to the rule!). I worry about Price getting burned out, like Ranford. Price needs to be brought along. I think he and Halak as a 1-2 tandem would be dangerous, in terms of confidence and development. Maybe Halak is more ready of the two; he's put in his time, for sure. As much as I love Price, it seems he still has much to learn and practice -- like moving across the net; not dropping to his knees so quickly; earlier this year, he was having trouble with shots high to the blocker side. He's great with the puck and I love his passes, but he can mess up once in a while. I guess that says he's human, eh? Let's bring them along slowly, esp. Price.