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  • Comment on Habs silence spurred Robinson to Devils (2010-06-17 23:20:32)

    Gauthier and Boivin bought an express ticket to Total Mess. The train should pull in there around December when we realize what we are missing (Boucher, Halak, Pleks, Robinson, a sense of direction).

  • Comment on Habs silence spurred Robinson to Devils (2010-06-17 22:58:46)

    This current management is truly testing my allegiance to this club. Even during the dark days of Houle, I never felt as disenchanted with the direction of the club as I do now. If Geoff M. doesn't take a close look at what Gauthier and Boivin are up to, he just may find the fortunes of this team in a nose-dive.



  • Comment on Boucher and Stevie Y make it official (2010-06-10 18:46:30)

    Hmm, perhaps another example of the quandary the Habs are in now with long-term contracts with players and coaches who can't take them to the next level, and no maneuverability to sign those who can? I know everyone is still praising BG for piecing together a team that showed great heart and went to the conference finals, b ut I still believe his true legacy will show over the next two seasons. Handcuffed with no hidden keys in the back pocket, and MacGyver hopped on a train out of town.

  • Comment on Blue Jackets offer Boucher coaching job (2010-06-07 01:47:32)

    Yeah, I met him at Joe Beef one night, and I agree, he was quite nice. 

  • Comment on Blue Jackets offer Boucher coaching job (2010-06-07 01:45:01)


    • take a walk up Mont Royal so they can view the entire city from the look-out -- always a great way to start
    • rent Bixi bikes and head down to the Old Port, tour Old Montreal, then head west along the Lachine Canal to the Atwater Market.
    • alternatively, head up to Little Italy for the best pizza in the country, and visit the Jean Talon Market. A truly unique place. Be sure to stop in Mile End on the way for a bag of Fairmount bagels, or for a glass of sangria on the city's most beautiful terrasse: La Croissanterie at Hutchison & Fairmount.
    • No Just For Laughs Festival, but Francofolies is on until the 19th all around Place Des Arts -- the new Festival Park -- with lots of great free concerts every night. A fun way to get the flavour of French Canada.
    • Skip Crescent. Skip St. Laurent, too. Both are very passé and full of drunken Americans and Ontario kids. Head up to Mont Royal avenue, and stroll east from St. Denis. Lots of fun cool clubs and restos all along there. 
    • And if you want to do something unusual with them, take them for a speed boat ride thru the Lachine Rapids. It is a blast! http://www.jetboatingmontreal.com/
    • Finally, don't plan too much. Montreal is all about spontaneity and being open. The best times in Montreal are always the random discoveries.


  • Comment on About this amazing team … (2010-05-24 23:19:12)

    Thanks for trying to talk sense to them, SF. But best not to waste your time. They have chosen to overlook not just his injury, but the remarkable checking job he did against Ovy and then Crosby, not to mention yeoman work on the pk. 

  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 19:48:49)

    Went off his glove. So, yeah, that's a save. Your bias blinds you.

  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 19:47:51)

    I'm beginning to hate Bergeron as much as the Flyers. 

  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 19:25:27)


  • Comment on Round 3, Game 3: Canadiens down Flyers 5-1 (2010-05-21 01:28:33)

    Correction: MAB wasn't on for the goal. Although he did cough up the puck to a Flyer only seconds before the goal.