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  • Comment on Game 48: Canadiens score touchdown on Sens (2011-01-21 16:44:44)

    I knew a guy that sold drugs from his house. He had crack 4 sale sign on his front lawn. He's still in business.

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-20 20:39:49)

    The White Album was decent too. It depends on a lot of things. It can be destructive sometimes & sometimes it isn't. To say divisions never matter though is probably false.

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-20 20:03:10)

    I've been pissy on these boards occasionally (probably more often than I normally am in real life. It must be the anonymity I have that caused it). You're bang-on about about free-speech & all that. More is definitely more. You're crazy if you think free-speech is perfect in this country though or that everyone is on board.

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-20 19:35:47)

    Just looked at Kane's numbers. Damn. I said I'd take Iggy over Kane. I take it back. No wait, isn't there another Kane. I think I screwed up. They couldn't have meant Evander Kane. I'd take Patrick Kane over Iggy.

  • Comment on Game 47: Wounded Habs fall in OT (2011-01-19 21:50:03)

    You're welcome.

  • Comment on Game 47: Wounded Habs fall in OT (2011-01-19 21:47:58)

    Thanks for the advice Berke.

  • Comment on Game 47: Wounded Habs fall in OT (2011-01-19 16:21:31)

    I'm the authority on criticizing moral authorities by default (no one else seems to want the job). Haven't watched the video. I'll be sure to do that. I'm difficult & will talk down on occasion, but classless & crass? I have a sort special relationship with those words. They set me off for some peculiar reason. Should've called him an idiot, jackass, or uptight instead. I would've handled that better.

  • Comment on CKAC: MaxPac fractures rib; no recalls yet (2011-01-19 13:46:57)

    No scalpel for me. Just yanking. I had 3 removed. The second 2 I didn't feel at all, The first, I was in a universe of pain. I was also, shall we say, very visibly distressed. Usually they just yank a tooth out quickly. Not wisdom teeth. They were dental students who did it. One guy put the painkiller in, then another came along to do the actual pulling. The dude who put the painkiller was the one who kept saying "lot's of pressure" while I was looking like I was about to die. The guy who was doing the pulling finally pulled an instructor over, and he yanked my second one w/o issue to show I shouldn't being experiencing any pain at all. It was a wierd visit in other ways too. Could've been a rookie mistake. I'm decent at picking out honest errors. Anyways, that's the skinny version of my story.  

  • Comment on CKAC: MaxPac fractures rib; no recalls yet (2011-01-19 13:02:38)

    Never had bruised ribs so I can't compare, but speaking of pain, I once had a wisdom tooth extracted without anaesthetic. It was jerked back & forth for like 30 seconds trying to get it out (it felt like 3 hours). The guy who supposedly gave me the painkiller was telling me I was experiencing lots of pressure (to be expected I guess. I'd never had a wisdom tooth pulled before). I experienced a world of pain. Guess I have all the bad luck. My recent history has been littered with bad luck. Sorry, I trailed off there. Neat little story I thought I'd share. I've heard bruised ribs are very painful. 

  • Comment on CKAC: MaxPac fractures rib; no recalls yet (2011-01-19 12:27:37)

    No trades. I figured we might trade a prospect. Nope. It's not gonna happen. It shouldn't happen. No more trades until the offseason...at LEAST. Let's see what Hamilton's got.