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  • Comment on Liveblog: The winning streak is over (2013-01-30 16:20:00)
    "OK, enough about an Ottawa Senator on a Montreal Canadiens website." --- AHA! So this IS a Montreal Canadiens website! Remember when it used to be called HABSinsideout? Welcome back, officially.
  • Comment on Enjoy Night 1 of Second Season? (2012-04-12 16:50:43)
    In general, I really like this site, but here's a quick gripe... They change the name from Habs inside out, to HOCKEY inside out, and all season long we look at pictures of the Bruins... Now that it's playoffs, and the Habs are eliminated, the site isn't updating?! It's pretty big news that Weber was not suspended. He is making 7.5 million dollars... a $2500 fine to that guy is like me owing my buddy a few bucks! You'd expect the Wings might run a few players of their own... I mean, the league's not going to help, right? If Weber was some 4th liner or the 6th Dman, he would've been given 1-2 games. For the record, I much preferred this site as Habs Inside Out, and for that reason, that is still my URL of choice, but as long as it's HOCKEY inside out... lets get some updates/discussion starters in the form of new blog entries.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-04 17:15:58)
    If 'Fire Wilson' chants worked in Toronto... Do you think 'Fire Gauthier' chants will help us???
  • Comment on HIO on an All-Star break (2012-01-27 12:07:42)
    Thanks Tom - i think i'll persue this angle...
  • Comment on HIO on an All-Star break (2012-01-27 12:01:37)
    Thanks Boone!
  • Comment on HIO on an All-Star break (2012-01-27 11:27:21)
    i'm trying to get 5 tickets to the Habs/Leafs game on March 3rd. Other then stub hub ($219 each!), does anyone have any idea where I could look? Thanks!
  • Comment on Alex Auld playing the waiting game (2011-06-28 10:01:59)
    This might be a dumb question but.... Didn't we sign Karri Romo last year? And didn't hear tear it up in the KHL? Why wouldn't he back up Carey this year?
  • Comment on Back to the ice (2010-10-12 15:56:41)

    This comment is what makes it hard to watch modern day hockey, sometimes. 

    There is a lack of respect amoung players... Even if Pomminville saw the hit coming (which is questionable), he made the assumption that Hijalmarsson could see his vulnerability and bump him, not crush him.  Players are out to hurt other players more then ever, and it's sad to have so many talented players sidelined all the time.

    Don't get me wrong, I love physical, tough, fight-littered hockey games... but when it's evident that the respect is gone for many players, hockey turns nastier then it need be.

  • Comment on Audio: Gill skates briefly after a.m. warmup (2010-05-10 09:18:45)

    If push comes to shove, i wouldn't mind seeing Mara dress tonight if he's healthy.  I know he's like, a -45 on the season, but he's full of what's gotten our Habs this far, Heart.  He'd add some nice grit to our back end and give it all he's got.

  • Comment on That really did happen, right? (2010-04-16 09:35:40)

    Question:  On All Habs it says "As for the adjustments, its time that coach Martin shelves his enormous ego and does what is best for the team." in relation to adding OB to the lineup... What did I miss regarding OB vs. Martin?  Was their some type of specific drama between them or is OB being punished for not playing as well recently?