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  • Comment on Habs listed at 25-1 odds to win Stanley Cup (2013-07-30 13:53:27)
    I think management has built a team that might be the smallest 23 man roster in modern nhl history, I can't believe Bergevin looks at his RW and see's 5'9 Gallagher, 5'7 Gionta and Briere 5'10 and think the team can go anywhere in the playoffs SMH
  • Comment on Current and former Habs get into Grand Prix weekend (2013-06-11 02:40:54)
  • Comment on Desharnais gets four-year, $14-million deal (2013-03-15 14:01:48)
    Not true, there are no more re-entry waivers in the new CBA, he can be called up. Bergevin has said it a few times, that he wants to go with a youth movement, and cited the hiring of MT was because he knew how to deal with young players.
  • Comment on Desharnais gets four-year, $14-million deal (2013-03-15 11:15:55)
    Oh man, I bet some ppl are mad DD is signed long term. Sadly this might mean the end of Plek, not now, but when Gally is ready to take over at centre, specially if Eller plays the way he has been playing, if not I guess maybe Eller gets moved to the wing. Look at at our cap space, Perry here is your 9M Patches-DD-Perry :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-18 10:11:10)
    Doubt anyone has interest now, but at the trade deadline a team might give up a pick for him. Short season, a lot of teams are going to think they are in the playoff race, a lot of buyers, and puck moving dmen are always wanted at the deadline. And with the buyout clause, maybe a rich team will take its chance. Plus look last year, Devils gave up a 2nd round pick for Zidlicky, who has a similar contract as Kaberle (at the time of the trade), and both are similar in how they have been playing last few years.
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-18 09:43:49)
    Markov hasn't really played in a couple years, so I don't think that age is much of a factor, I mean if his knee is 100%, and the amount of minutes doesn't affect it, I have no worries him playing 24min. What I do think would make Markov better, is if MT puts Gorges and Subban back together and have them face other teams top lines, and have Markov and Emelin facing other teams 2nd lines, this way Markov might be able to create more offensive 5on5. Also get Subban back to 24 min a game, and then you'll have either Markov or Subban on the ice for almost 50min of the game :)
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-18 09:39:41)
    Gotta say this for Kaberle tho, he has played 6 games, is a +2, with only 1 point, but with little pp time after that first game, but has not be on the ice for a goal against. I really think he can actually help a team like the Avs.
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-18 09:35:51)
    Problem is who to you take out to get Kaberle in? If you look at every pairing, there is a puck mover with a stay at home d-men. Kaberle isn't better than Markov, Diaz or Subban. I mean you could put Gorges and Subban, together, and take out Bouillon but than you'll have Kaberle and Daiz on the 3rd pair...soft as butter.
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-18 09:24:08)
    Disagree, White has been taking stupid penalties, he would start fighting with a guy before the other guy takes his gloves off. He did it once vs the Panthers, and MT just talked to him and gave him a pass, then he cost us the first game vs the Sens, and cost us a point vs the Sabres. As for Eller, issue is where does Eller play? Who does he replaces, its just a numbers game by Eller being on the 4th line, and I actually liked that MT actaully gives him some PP time with the Gally's to somewhat try to make up for him. But I agree on Subban, should be getting more minutes.
  • Comment on Exclusive: “I’m here to help the team win” – Scott Gomez (2013-01-11 09:09:19)
    Gomez seems to be a great team guy, great leader for the young guys, many have said he has helped them be a pro. But that doesn't mean he gets a pass, yes he didn't offer himself that contract, but by accepting it, he should have known that this would happen if he didn't perform. Some ppl hate him, which I don't understand, maybe they were expecting something else, but I knew when the trade happened that he was 50-60 point guy at his best. But still, no need to hate on him, I just hate the trade, but you loss some, you win some (Rivet for Gorges, Patches-thru a draft pick). I think Gomez can actually help a team after he is bought out, in a 3rd line role, a team like the Caps can use a guy like him, some leadership for that locker room. Crazy stat, Gomez has make the playoffs in every year he was in the NHL expect for last year.