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  • Comment on Habs fans in D.C.: good hearts, old jerseys (2010-04-28 15:32:01)

    its not Max, and yes they come out and put a new ad at each intermission with the beard growing a bit longer.

  • Comment on Game turns on brutal call (2007-11-23 13:44:01)
    i do believe that RDS contols the cameras at almost all the arenas they broadcast from and when they share a feed of the main camera, they definitely do have their cameras and cameramen at ice level taking the corner shots and so on...and those guys do turn around and look at the crowd from time to time.
  • Comment on Game turns on brutal call (2007-11-23 13:42:25)
    i caught the Detroit vs Nashville game the other day and Bonk was used on the PP as a screen. He scored from the slot too.
  • Comment on Game 21: Canadiens breeze 4-1 over Isles (2007-11-22 15:22:27)
    Absolutely disagree. that might be the word around the league, but the fact of the matter is that everyone who has tried to push the Habs around has gotten themselves into penalty trouble and lost (ex/ Boston). And the Habs have held their own in standing up for one another on many occasions. I wouldn't want to be pushed into throwing on an enforcer who will take a dumb penalty to even the score on the 'toughness scoreboard' and allow the other team to even the score on the real scoreboard that counts at the end of the night. Fact is, if the other teams want to get physical, we can step it up in that department. If they wanna get goonish, well have fun sitting in the in penalty box while our #1 PP goes to work making you pay for it. That being said, a Maxim Lapierre would more than fill the need for us to have our own guy who might take an extra wack to Crosby's arm should Laraque go after Koivu, Kovy, etc... But in terms of a brute enforcer who can only fight...no thanks, not in the new NHL.
  • Comment on Huet gets start tomorrow vs. Islanders (2007-11-20 14:43:49)
    I also think that Price should've gotten the start but Huet still is the #1 goalie. We need him playing his best and if we plan to trade him later, he has to prove that he has can be capable of bouncing back after a couple of bad outings otherwise you guys saw what an Ilya Bryzgalov was worth recently... nothing! and Huet did steal 2 points for us against Buffalo in that 2-0 win... earlier this month... Price will get his starts and will get his chance to take over the reigns permanently in due time. Price has not proved that he is better than Huet at the NHL level yet...although I do expect that to happen eventually.
  • Comment on 4-2 (2007-11-19 13:33:14)
    is there anywhere where i can look up the Habs' record after 20, 21, 22, etc. games?