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  • Comment on Desharnais gets four-year, $14-million deal (2013-03-15 10:35:03)
    I'm convinced now - unless they trade directly for a centreman, the Habs will hold on to all three of their pivots for at least the remainder of the season. It's far too soon in Galchenyuk's career to be slotting him in for a top 3 centre position, and there's no way we sacrifice offense when this team is thriving on its balanced attack. So if either Eller, Pleks, or DD go, there has got to be a warm-bodied centreman coming back in return.
  • Comment on Desharnais gets four-year, $14-million deal (2013-03-15 10:04:36)
    My first instinct says this is for a "sign and trade." Hmm... But what other plans do the Habs have for centre? Desharnais now has a super palatable contract and is locked away from his first UFA window for several seasons. And, by signing him for 4 years at a bargain, it makes it easier to get return offerings in a trade. He's undersized, but the contract is so good another GM would jump on it. Or if he's here to stay, the Habs have a cheap, productive, hometown hero who can play in the 1, 2, or 3 spot. You think to Pittsburgh, and they loved having a glut of talent at centre. We don't have a Crosby/Malkin/Staal down the middle, but our pivots will be millionsssssss cheaper giving the team flexibility. Staying or going, this signing is brilliant.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another W; Jets grounded 4-3 (2013-01-29 19:03:18)
    Hey Sportsfans, Been over a year since I've posted here and somewhere along the way I lost my avatar/profile pic. Now I can't seem to figure out how to change it back. Any pointers?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another W; Jets grounded 4-3 (2013-01-29 18:37:44)
    The current TSN.ca headline is just brutal. Such a fuss, and it's entirely created by the press. As far as I'm concerned, they're the only cancer in the room. J.Gorges nearly swore when he was asked three PK questions in a row. I don't blame him. I, for one, am not looking forward to all the ammunition that RDS docu-series is going to give to all the armchair GMs out there.
  • Comment on Contenders 5 Pretenders 2 (2011-01-25 22:08:14)

    I hate the Olé Olé with such a burning passion.  It made me happy to hear the Flyers mock it.

    It's unimaginative, stolen from a different team and sport, and used at the most ridiculous moments of the game (i.e. it's sung when a lead is precarious and the win, hardly assured).

  • Comment on A point (2011-01-18 20:17:15)

    Grumble grumble...

  • Comment on A point (2011-01-18 19:02:47)

    I can't take this s#it anymore!  It's soooo FoxNews - you don't need any any evidence to persuade people, you just need to ask a question with a sinister tone:  DOES Subban have a bad attitude??  WAS Gomez upset by the goal celebration??  Instant controversy.  I hate it.  Yet here I am feeding the beast.  It makes Boone's suggestion that Don Cherry would go to work for Peladeau's SunTV all the more believable.


    At least some of it makes me laugh.  I read a comment from a leaf fan on one of the pages Boone links to up there who said "if PK played for the leafs, he'd already have been sent down."  Thought that might lighten people's moods...


  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-18 16:37:23)

    This is PJ Stock BS.  Speculative do-nothing commentary.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-12 11:59:08)

    I loved AK46 with Moen and Halpern.  Other than the 2 consecutive spinoramas - the second of which resulted in a turnover - I saw him invoived, aggressively forechecking, and standing in Hank's crease being obnoxious.

  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-01-12 11:48:38)

    Nice breakdown.  I agree on all points, except that it's not like the habs didn't benefit at all.  Gomez and Gionta were an improvement on Tanguay and Koivu.  And if the trade allowed NY to sign Gaborik (himself still a question mark with injuries), the Gomez signing allowed MTL to bring in Cammalleri (an improvement on Kovalev).

    But in a straight, on-paper comparison, you're right: you gotta give the win to the Rangers.  Massive salary and ineffective player dump in return for a decent prospect.