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  • Comment on Liveblog: Olympic Games, semifinal: Canada 1, U.S. 0 (2014-02-21 21:03:39)
    Haven't posted here in a long time but oh man what a great game today. Carey Price was and is awesome. He has already more than proven the quality of goaltender that he is but I really hope they win gold on Sunday. That would finally silence all but the most ridiculous of his critics. What a great day to be Canadian and a Canadiens fan!!
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 10:42:03)
    très juste
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 10:28:34)
    Just make Muller head coach. Lots of assistant coaches make the transition to head coach. Todd Mclellan and Paul Maclean being recent examples. Every time there's a discussion about hiring a new coach, language is always the dominant issue. You wouldn't be able to build a winning team if you employed this philosophy with the players as the talented French-speaking players are just as coveted by the other 29 teams. It is equally flawed when it comes to coaches. Is a 2-minute soundbyte in French that important? Renaud Lavoie and Francois Gagnon do a very good job of covering the team. They regularly post on Twitter in both English and French and link to their articles on RDS. They regularly translate a player's English interview into French. I don't see why the same can't be done for a coach. Meeting with the media is a small part of a coach's job and has no effect on the on-ice performance of the team. Somehow in Montreal, it's become accepted that the primary criteria is being able to speak with them in French. It doesn't make much sense.
  • Comment on The mourning after (2011-10-21 13:08:45)
    Although watching a season of the Habs losing like this would be depressing, if it results in getting a player like Yakupov, who is likely a future superstar, it'd definitely be better in the long run.
  • Comment on Gomez cops to bad season (2011-04-29 00:36:38)
    Remember when Pleks had a 39 point season and then followed it up with 70 points. There's zero chance Gomez gets traded for at least another year so hopefully he'll be able to put this season behind him and come back next year with 60+ points again. After next year, since his actual salary is several million below his cap hit, he becomes a value option for teams having trouble reaching the salary floor.
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:04:42)
    Solid effort by the Habs especially considering the depleted roster. Bright spots of the season have to be Subban and Price's continuous improvement. Pacioretty looked really strong before his injury also. I hope Gauthier tries to throw big money at Brad Richards in the offseason. Do whatever it takes to make room. Failing that, Brooks Laich would be a good addition.
  • Comment on Video: Habs react to Game 6 win over Boston (2011-04-27 01:04:42)
    Good for Vancouver. Avoided disastrous choke job.
  • Comment on Video: Habs react to Game 6 win over Boston (2011-04-27 00:55:56)
    I wonder if we're gonna see a Thornton-esque OT GWG celebration
  • Comment on Video: Habs react to Game 6 win over Boston (2011-04-27 00:37:18)
    Toews is so clutch
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-26 23:41:01)
    So you're basically blinded by your hate for Gomez that you can't give him credit for creating offense and helping win the game. 5 shots. Assist on the GWG. Should have had another point on the disallowed goal.