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wee need a high scorer and Ithink he wants a trade, I'm sure he would jump at the deal if possible.

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  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 2 (2013-01-16 11:43:56)
    let the kid have the nicest trial possible any player could ask for a48 game assesment and learning stage. The season is meaningless, except the learning process. PK sign or get loss. The only thing you did last year was get lots of ice time.
  • Comment on Jean BĂ©liveau continues encouraging comeback (2012-03-05 11:01:46)
    The NHL is very fortunate to have Mr JEAN BELIVEAU the greatest representative of all sports in the world,there is no equal. All you have to do is show his image and the words come to you automaticly, GENTLEMAN MR JEAN BELIVEAU. -----------------------------------.
  • Comment on Price misses fan practice with mysterious cut, team hopes he’ll practice Tuesday (2012-01-23 10:02:05)
    Giants won but out played.Patriots win but out played. CH something is wrong in that room, nonexisitant CAPt, clics seem to exist, PK thinks he's the hub of the team, actualy he will always be a problem, I would try and trade him ,he might be surprised at no takers.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-19 09:35:21)
    Never forget that first draft choice don't always make out. I could name you dozens of failures. There's a player on the caps that wants out he would love to be in mtl and he can score, all you do is baite the line with a few intl like CP OR PK OR MP,and so on, if you win 4-2 that's O/K but losing2/0 3/0 most of the time ,gets to be long on the tooth.There are many above average goalers out there and good Dmen andOFmen to be had .
  • Comment on Multimedia: Audio from Cunneyworth, video from the room (2012-01-15 10:46:41)
    I agree get somebody besides Cole to score goals if it take a flashy player like PK go for it ,he's not about to change his style of play, if you were to lower his ice time you'd end up with an other Cammy,I amconvinced of this, his ego would not accept this and never will.The loss last night is not about the s/o its the lack of goals.
  • Comment on Bourque to wear number 27 (2012-01-13 11:46:34)
    the man as'nt played one second yet and he's being critisezed you wonder what's wrong with the team, I wonder what's wrong with the you fans.
  • Comment on Video from practice (2012-01-11 13:48:18)
    Its time that the GM and HC realise that PK is a one man show,and allways will be. Trade time is coming he has some value know dont wait ti'll they find he's limited. CH have many good young D not too worry!
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-08 09:41:01)
    sign RC and get him on a french course this summer. If I were too move to forein country for a year or so after awile I would be able to hold a conversation in that language may be not as good as a native but enough for you to undrestand the lingo of the job I'm in like , le goal, la pass,le slap shot,le bodycheck, and so on. LETS NOT FORGET THOSE WHO ARE COMPLANING ARE THE ONES WHO WOULD HAVE YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME IF ITS AN ENGLISH ONE.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-28 11:47:55)
    RC, finaly put some players where they belong, maybe some production will start. I agree some goals were lucky but lots of them are it just happen to the CH witch they did'nt get before.RC get them going and the centre yu'll hear Cunny Cunny Cunny.....
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens blow lead, salvage a point (2011-12-09 11:57:14)
    Shootout take a board with five holes in it one in each corner and one the middle place it in front of the net , get all the millionaires and the future ones and keep them there untill they reach 99% profiency of hitting at least the board let alone putting in the hole.