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  • Comment on About last night … with audio and music (2012-02-02 23:56:19)
    Mike, you forgot to add Josh Gorges to your list of untouchables......I hope it was an oversight. Gorges is a heart and soul guy who the Habs need more of. Fail for Nail or Forsberg!!!
  • Comment on Multimedia: Canadiens fire assistant coach Perry Pearn (2011-10-26 22:05:39)
    What is MR. Gauthier talking about when he says the firing of MR. Pearn has no reflection on his competence as a coach......BS!! What garbage!! You fired the guy, of course you're judging his abilities. The only way this organization will improve to a top 5 tier team is when MR. Molson fires MR. Gauthier incompetent ass!!!!
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 14:08:30)
    Here is the talent Analysis from hockey's Future: Nokelainen's ability to play two-way hockey can't be stressed enough as that is what makes his game. He positions himself well to always be where he is needed, whether that is starting an odd man rush or wrestling in the corners of the offensive zone. Needless to say, he is a top choice to kill a penalty. However, his offensive skills are average all around. He does score quite a lot against his peers and his willingness to use the slapshot is a good sign of confidence, he may not have what it takes to match the numbers of the best defensive forwards in the game. The largest question mark is his speed, which is mediocre for a player of his quality, yet he still seems to improve. Nokelainen may not get a lot of press before draft day, but he looks to be favored by coaches over many other players. He's very injury prone and has been with three different teams. Just what the habs need; another injury prone, journeyman player!!