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  • Comment on Finally, a game (2010-12-10 11:13:38)

    I would rather a coach and a GM keep their cards close to their chest. In my opinion, it really does no good to communicate their take on a team's assessments, injuries, weaknesses, strategies or overviews. If anything, it just hands the opposition pertinent information which can used against them later on.

    I believe PK is sitting because of his lasp of defensive responsibilty during the Edmonton game. I don't buy into the 'Allo Police' strry yeasterday, but say if it was true. How do you think the rest of the players and PK would feel if in fact he was benched because of his disrespect towards fellow teammates. Martin would lose the confidence of the players who supposedly complained about PK's attitude. It might even cause a rift between teammates, which could effect the winning attitude we are seeing now.

    Sam Pollock never discussed the inner workings of his team and if he had, he might not have been able to work his magic in the LaFleur deal. Bowman never talked about his disgust of Peter Mahovlich's penchant to party, until he traded him to Pittsburgh. Somethings are best kept in-house.

  • Comment on Audio: Gomez making trip, Price vs. Wings (2010-12-09 15:53:01)

    I agree, except for the fact that if both Weber and Subban stay up, then one will be sitting in the press box most of the time. Weber and/or Subban will not improve as players watching their team mates play from above. Both of these young players need ice time to improve. They could probably spot Picard once in a while, but it still will not be enough. Their time will come, especially with the age of Hamrlik and Spacek. I say, it is better to send Weber back to Hamilton, let him play 25 minutes of quality ice time, only because PK is still a better prospect and brings of a more physical game to the table. Having said that, I have been really impressed with Weber and look forward to seeing him play full time next year. It's also nice to know we have him waiting in case we have another injury on D.

  • Comment on No Habs hockey tonight (2010-12-09 11:00:40)

    I totally agree, Dawg, although sometimes I am leary when I hear that the 'Allo Police' media is dropping insider info on dressing room dynamics. I actually like the fact that Richards and Crosby have stated that PK is getting under their skin. it just tells me he's doing his job. If PK was wearing blue, Cherry would be honoring him as the second coming.

    I think you said it all in your "passion he brings to the ice" comment. As for the benching, in my opinion, it had everything to do with offensive zone pinching late in a game with a 3-2 lead, rather than his mouth or his verve.

    He will be lacing up tomorrow night and he will be more respective of his defensive zone responsibilities. This may be the incentive he needed to push him higher in his attempt for the Calder.

  • Comment on No Habs hockey tonight (2010-12-09 09:58:31)

    4) Because Sidney Crosby, Mike Richards and Don Cherry say so? Sorry, I think I'll make my own opinion on PK's disposition and really, even if he is mouthy, I'd rather have a kid with a bit of back bone, rather than a shinking violet.

    I find it funny how Crosby and Richards complaints about PK's verve came after the Habs gave both of their teams a bit of a drubbing, as for Cherry, the guy is such a homer he pisses blue maple leafs, who cares what he says?

  • Comment on No Habs hockey tonight (2010-12-09 09:49:30)

    Well Steve, I believe Richards is a UFA next year, so one would hope that the asking price may not be as steep as one would imagine. It seems that teams that ask for a ridiculous return on a player who may just leave after his contract expires, are staying put. This may be one of the reasons why there is not as much traffic as there used to be before the trade dead-line, and of course, cap restraints.

    Brian Burke's sad record of lofty demands for compensation to take over the last year of Kaberle's contract seems to back up this contention. If I was PG, I might be willing to part with a younger prospect and an early draft pick to acquire Richard's services. It would certainly help in our goal to have two top notch first lines. This would only leave us to wonder why a third line center named Gomez makes so much coin.

  • Comment on No Habs hockey tonight (2010-12-09 07:50:23)

    Out of Godin's five, I think Brad Richards is the only player I would want to add to the Habs.

    1) Sullivan is a fine hockey player, but we already have enough "smurfs" (as my non-believer buddies like to say) on the top six. He is also one good hit away from finishing his career.

    2) Langenbrunner has the size, but he is a little long in the tooth. Anyway, Pouliot should be able to fufill the same role Jamie would bring, only for cheaper.

    3) Kabelre smells like a leaf, and that's reason enough for me not to want him. The smell of loser percolates from you, Tomas.

    4) Kovalev is more of a distraction then he's worth. I mean, he is now being relagated to the 4th line on an offensively challenged Janitors team. What does this tell you? Hopefully this will finally put to the rest, all the Alexei-ophiles mynopic penchant for the return of L'Eartless to Hockey Heaven. Go quietly into the night, Floater.

    Then there's Brad Richards, always comes to play and although he's 30 years old, he still is putting up good numbers. Yes, I think Brad Richards would look pretty good wearing the bleu, blanc et rogue. Imagine having Pleky and Richards as our one two punch down the middle.....NICE...

  • Comment on Three Ws and counting (2010-12-08 09:51:41)

    I'm willing to bet PK will be back on the ice Friday against the Wings and Saturday against the hated leafs. Although Weber has done everything he has been asked to do for the three games, he had a few defensive end mishaps last night, which is a real no-no for Jacques Martin. The Habs will also want to have their "A" game ready for Detroit, and that "A" game will includes PK on the PP. He has has had his come-up-ance and now it's time to move on.

    As for your contention of that there will be a contraversy if they lose, all I can say is, when isn't there a contraversy in Montreal? Futhermore, do you think the Management of this team really cares what all of us arm chair quarterbacks think of their player moves? I'm pretty sure JM and PG don't consult HIO before they go about their business of running the Montreal Canadiens

  • Comment on Subban sits, Habs lineup unchanged (2010-12-07 14:30:06)

    PK got caught pinching, twice, and the whole team paid the price for his rookie exuberance by losing the game. Having said that, what message are you sending Weber if you sit him now, after he has done everything he has been asked to do. He will be a part of the team in the future and seeing how we are winning, why not give him some more experience playing against NHL calibre players.

    PK will have his chance to make up for his mistakes and will be a better player for it. It's not like he has ever forced his hand on playing time with the Habs. He quietly spent last year in Hamilton, and he has become a better player for the experience. He will take this as a lesson and move on.

    As far as I can see, it is a win win situation. What's the big deal?

  • Comment on YouTube’s most boring video ever? (2010-12-07 14:18:54)

    What's next, a video of paint drying?

  • Comment on Another week begins (2010-12-06 13:23:39)

    As someone pointed out in an earlier comment, Roy's first 4 years were nothing to write home about, if you are trying to use it as proof, of the complete failure of Carey Price's first 4 years in Montreal. I would also like to add that during his rookie year, Ken Dryden, found himself playing beside some of the greatest players in the history of the game, including H.Richard, Y Cournoyer, both Mahovlichs, J LeMaire, G. LaFluer, J.C. Tremblay, S Savard, J LaPierriere and G LaPointe. Not too hard to rack up good numbers when you've got that kind of fire power and skill in front of you.

    That Todd would even make a comparison between the three goalies after his phoney apology, is proof enough to show  that the guy has no clue what he's talking about when it comes to our game. Is there not some kind of fact checking going on at the Gazette, or does Todd just write whatever he deems to be the truth in his little world? The guy is a joke.

    Why don't you stick to writing about petunia's, Jackie Boy.