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  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 12:19:53)
    Well I think we can both agree the building all starts with Price. As for the D. I think a healthy Markov gives the Habs a pretty good top 4. Emelin should improve a bit over the offseason and I think playing with another Russian in Markov would also help him develop. I think Diaz, Weber, Henry, St-Denis all are marginal players at best, but really the habs just need to acquire one steady stay at home D to play 15 minutes a game whose job it is to simply limit his and his partners mistakes Tinordi needs to improve his skating to be a top end guy, but even if he doesn't his size should allow him to be a 5-6 guy easily (Hal Gill style). Beaulieu is really the guy I want to watch and see how he fits with the team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 12:13:20)
    There is talk of him not wanting to re-sign in Phoenix and that he maybe be willing to come to play with his cousin in MTL. I think the trade would make sense for both teams IF Phoenix doesn't think they can re-sign him. But that's a big if
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 12:10:07)
    Halak isn't even the best goalie on his team statistically speaking this year. Brian Elliott leads the league is GAA and Save%. Halak is just behind in GAA and both have 6 shutouts this year. Do Halak fans also think Elliott is better than Price? Or is it time for people to wake up and realize that maybe a goalie can only do so much for his team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 12:04:59)
    Not saying that. Just using Doan as an example of how the Habs have the foundation to build of and that they aren't as far away as some people make them out to be. They also had 5 prospects at the world Jr this year who should help contribute to the team going forward.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 12:00:27)
    Meanwhile all the TSN analysts are picking Price as one of the starters for Canada for the Olympics in 2014. He plays with such an awful team in front of him that if he's not perfect he lets in 4 goals. Price sometimes lets in soft ones, but so does everyone else, Gustavson let in a shot that was going wide in OT 2 weeks ago, and Pacioretty's goal last night was anything but highlight reel. If you go around the league, there is no goalie that is perfect, but there is also very few goalies who put up the numbers and the performance Price has in the past few years, despite having an awful team in front of him. Boston's goalies led the league in GAA the past 3 years (Thomas, Rask, Thomas) do you guys really feel that Price wouldn't be putting up similar numbers if he had that team in front of him.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 11:52:14)
    At the risk of being blinded by hope, I actually agree that this team may be closer to contending then what we see now. I think they are a couple changes away from possibly being a solid hockey team. If the young guys take this offseason to really work on their games and improve (see Pacioretty) the habs could ice a somewhat competitive club next year. Much has been made of Shane Doan, who is Price's cousin, and of him maybe coming to Montreal. If I'm Habs management I would be offering Pheonix a package (Gomez + a conditional pick) for Doan's rights before July 1. If the Habs can sign Doan then a depth defenceman could be all that is missing. Lineup could look like this: Cole-DD-Pacioretty Gionta-Pleks-Doan Leblanc-Eller-Bourque Geoffrion- White - Darche/Moen Subban- Gorges Markov- Emelin Diaz- ??? To me this looks like a pretty solid forward group and a very good top 4. Add in some of the rookies and young guys who may challenge for spots and this team should be able to compete. Maybe its wishful thinking, but I think the pieces are there for the Habs to build off and despite how bad they are now, I don't think this team is that far away.
  • Comment on Liveblog: 3-3 tie goes to Shootout L (2012-02-15 21:54:03)
    The entire province knows Kaberle isn't going to shoot.
  • Comment on Liveblog: 3-3 tie goes to Shootout L (2012-02-15 21:09:28)
    Marchand with a slew-foot on Emelin to end the period. After what he did to Salo. Should get 10 games, the kid clearly hasn't learned his lesson.
  • Comment on Carolina inches closer to Canadiens (2012-02-14 12:58:32)
    Your joking right? The team in front of him was awful last night. The Habs have no chance of winning any night if Carey isn't perfect. He didn't stand on his head last night so they didn't win, but he stopped 15 of 16 shots in the first and was the only reason the Habs were even in that game.
  • Comment on Carolina inches closer to Canadiens (2012-02-14 12:52:35)
    Pleks went down like a soccer player.