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  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-13 11:32:00)
    I heard somebody say (it may have been one of those goofy TSN Sportscentre guys) that Boston should lose it's "Original Six" status when they screwed up the lines at the garden earlier this year. I agree. Mind you, as I think of it, wasn't it the Bell Centre guys who screwed up the boards, allowing a crazy rebound and a terrible goal on Price? Actually, even though it was weeks after her performances, I blame Celine Dion for that one.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-10 18:18:47)
    Kovy's one of those "Would you just pass or shoot already" to the "Holy crap I can't believe what I just saw!!!" kinda guys....I'll take it.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-23 12:11:09)
    Why does the word "flu" when associated with the Habs scare the crap out of me? Am I that scarred from, what, 2yrs ago??
  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-23 12:05:43)
    Trying to figure out the different coloured I right to think they colour coordinate the different lines as well as the D during practice?
  • Comment on Habs, Nordiques to do battle in Quebec (2008-10-21 23:38:54)
    Retired Nordiques players?........shall we start the Sundin rumours now?
  • Comment on Higgins waits for OK (2008-10-17 14:40:11)
    "Defenceman Francis Bouillon is also awaiting but he's doubtful for tonight's game." For a quick second there I got REAL excited that somehow I had skipped right through Friday and it was suddenly GAMEDAY!! But I guess it's still Friday....sigh
  • Comment on Breaking news on Mats Sundin! (2008-10-10 13:37:50)
    uhhh...anybody want to buy some tix? Only $10k!
  • Comment on Breaking news on Mats Sundin! (2008-10-10 12:48:16)
    Who's Mats Sundin? Anyways, need to tell SOMEONE and I know all of you guys will appreciate this: FedEx just showed up at the door and, to surprise me for my birthday (big surprise too cuz it ain't til January!), the girlfirend got me tickets to the Nov 22nd Roy retirement game!!!!!! How awesome is that?!!?!? Was already going to be in town too (Mom's bday) but figured I'd be watching it at the Peel...section 305 here I come!!!!!! We take Buffalo tonight, 3-1.
  • Comment on Audio: Koivu on his past, present and future (2008-10-10 00:38:57)
    Can't wait to hear this interview tomorrow...Saku is, by far, my favourite Canadien of all time. I have been following his career since I first heard of him during the 94 Winter Olympics when Canada and Finland faced off (I even remember where I was!) and remember his 1st game (I want to say the Kings?). Couple years back when the Habs were practising up at Pierrefonds, I wait around patiently, in fact right beside Captain Craig Rivet for a bit, just to meet Saku, shake his hand and thank him for being a Hab. No autograph, just a handshake. Great guy.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-08 13:31:20)
    Try being a manager at a sports br on wing night! At one point we had 3 different poker shows playing! Other options: CFL "Classics", replay after replay of Leafs Games, some UFC repeat, African soccer, college ball with some school named "Troy" and game-in-an-hour versions of NFL Sunday on the NFL Network. Good thing I have the internet in the office and HIO!