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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Bruins (2013-03-27 22:43:45)
    Iginla to Boston confirmed, thoughts?
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 19:37:59)
    There is a pretty good group of UFA's this off-season. I wouldn't be surprised if he does. Glad some people consider the future benefits of this trade instead of knee-jerk reactions of immediate impact without even seeing how Ryder looks in a few games.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 19:33:50)
    Also, I think that a player with a shot like Ryder could definitely produce on a line with Eller and Galchenyuk, as they are both creative and have the vision to get him the puck in shooting areas.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 19:30:49)
    Habs are clear winners of this deal, as a huge fan of Cole my initial reaction was negative, however the style of play and age of Cole considered, it is unlikely he would have played well enough to justify 4.5 million $ next season AND the following. Even if it turns out that he performs better than Ryder this season, which is by no means a certainty, the trade off is worth while. The Habs now have about 18 million dollars of cap space (assuming compliance buyout of Kaberle) this off-season, in addition to 6 draft picks in the first three rounds of the upcoming draft (1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3).
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 17:27:23)

    well they would also be generously taking on a player that most of the fans here would be willing to give away for nothing in return...

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 17:09:29)

    how does this sound? if stastny really is being moved out of colorado

    gomez, ak, weber, and a 1st for stastny

    colorado has about 16 million $ in cap space, stastny makes 6.6 million $, this trade would make colorado take on about 4.9 million $ more in salary, still leaving them with over 11 million $

    they get a center in gomez to replace stastny in the short term (can always send him to the minors if they decide to), plus ak and weber, two younger players with potential, and a first round pick... obviously if stastny does not really want out it wouldn't work but if colorado is being pressured a little given the circumstances it could be something they would consider

  • Comment on Circle the wagons (2010-09-22 20:49:48)

    unbelievable how idiotic some people can be, mocking your teams #1 goalie in the FIRST game of the PRESEASON.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 15:43:27)

    Anyone who was expecting to get something ridiculous like David Perron or Backes and a pick in return was seriously misguided. Halak is good but why would another team give up something like that for someone who doesn't even have a contract? You can bet he is being traded because he is asking for too much money, and he always has the option of going to the KHL where he can probably get the kind of money he wants easily.