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  • Comment on Leafs vs. Canadiens preview: Sekac, Gilbert healthy scratches for Habs (2015-02-14 10:31:24)
    Ron Hextall is crazy to unload Simmonds for these two. -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Leafs vs. Canadiens preview: Sekac, Gilbert healthy scratches for Habs (2015-02-14 10:27:47)
    I find that the modern NHL with salary cap (restrictions) is really about "my top 5 vs your top 5" and the rest of the roster is about playing disciplined defense. This assumption is probably why LARS ELLER is on the trade block, a bottom six centre/forward whose d-play hasn't impressed. My question, would the HABS get more in a trade that includes LARS ELLER or that of DD? I would include PLEKS only if that means the HABS walk away with a #1/#2 pick at the draft this year. Perhaps the latter is a card to by played in June. I wouldn't mind an aggressive deal that builds a five core of: PRICE/SUBBAN/PACIORETTY/GALCHENYUK and a cap friendly MCDAVID or EICHEL. HABS 4 LEAFS 1 (w. an empty netter) -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on About this afternoon … (2015-02-01 22:42:48)
    Tough to feel for the Seahawks when they played (what?) 6 minutes of football against the Packers only to over-think a simple play to blow a Super Bowl. NHL - when will we drop 30 games from the regular season to make it mean something, and compete for the Stanley Cup while it's still cold/cool outside? -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 01:39:12)
    Since when did "turtle man" become the problem? David Desharnais @ $3.5M centering the #1 line and (a) does not dominate the face-off circle and/or (b) does not pose an offense scoring threat Thomas Plekanec @ $5M playing center and (a) does not dominate the face-off circle and/or (b) poses streaky offense scoring threat (c) more than reasonable d-play (d) wears the "A" Lars Eller @ $3.5M playing center and (a) does not dominate the face-off circle and/or (b) poses streaky offense scoring threat Manny Malhotra at $850K playing center to (a) DOMINATE the face-off circle and/or (b) offer credible defensive play in the d-zone The numbers alone don't support DD (never did). That's $3.5M of valuable cap space doing a lot of nothing for a very long time. I have no ide -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Yvan Cournoyer heartbroken by death of “my captain” Jean BĂ©liveau (2014-12-04 22:01:23)
    Back in the 2007/08 season the Pittsburgh Penguins beat a listless HABS squad 2-0 in front of a sold out crown at the Bell Centre. The game winning goal was scored by George Laraque, his total for the year was an astounding four goals. When the game ended Mr. Beliveau recognized the fans had been cheated by the home team. He asked his wife to go on without him and made himself available for photos and autographs with the fans. There were little kids in the line and a (big kid at heart) like me who he offered a bit of his time. I think about that now more than ever. He offer me and others alike 'his' time. What greater gift can one give than 'his' time? May God rest his soul. -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Emotional night as Guy Lapointe’s No. 5 raised to the rafters of Bell Centre (2014-11-09 17:09:53)
    The Big Three ... what was and could have been: 1970s: Savard, Lapointe and Robinson 1980s: Robinson, Langway and Chelios 1990s: Chelios, Desjardins and Schneider 2000s: Chelios, Desjardins and Markhov 2010s: Markhov, Subban and McDonagh The lesson here: trades, be careful what you wish for. -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Rene Bourque will be healthy scratch against Wild; Habs call up Drayson Bowman (2014-11-08 13:02:24)
    Rene Bourque has all the physical features required in the modern NHL with size and a sharp shot. Too bad somewhere in his life heart-and-mind seem to be out of sync. We will never know these intricate details and how he does (doesn't?) fit into the plans for the 2014/15 season. What is brutally obvious to anyone a top-6 paid forward can't be a healthy scratch if the reason isn't personal in nature e.g. attend a family emergency. To all at the Bell Centre tonight, enjoy the ceremony and perhaps the last time you will see the Big3 together in Montreal. These guys were more than special, they were and remain Canadiens. -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champs (2013-06-24 23:50:39)
    If the HABS aren't Stanley Cup champions then the next best thing is a BRUINS STANLEY CUP - LOSS - ON HOME ICE! The 'enemy' is order of priority: #1. Quebec Nordiques #2. Boston Bruins #3. Philadelphia Flyers #4. Toronto Maple Leafs #5. Quebec Nordiques -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Another summer of arm rehab for Gionta; Ryder won’t return to Habs (2013-05-30 00:06:34)
    When you look at the final four teams what stands out most to me is the depth at centre for each club: Boston - Krejci/Bergeron Pittsburgh - Crosby/Malkin LA - Kopitar/Richards Chicago - Toews/Hadzus Somehow the one, two punch of Pleks/Desharnais isn't as exciting this late into Spring. -- HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. --
  • Comment on Tremblay and Roy haven’t spoken since trade to Colorado (2013-05-26 23:55:36)
    Read the original post. These roster players are drafted by the Canadiens organization and need not be traded, a simple RFA signing here/there was enough to build a championship (dynasty?) throughout the 1990s. Instead we receive a handful of shifty goal-scorers in the mid-decade followed by nothing, to date.