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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-13 09:35:13)
    Re PP, go back to Markov/Diaz on the points on the first unit and try Galchenyuk/Suban as point men on the 2nd unit. Stay with those combos for at least the whole game and see what the results are. Markov/Diaz worked great at the start of the season and Galchenyuk has the skills to play the point and should set up Suban quite well for his shot. Ed.
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    Power Play: With the top six forwards all healthy they will usually make up the 1st and 2nd forward PP units. The 1st PP point players should remain Markov and Diaz given their early season results, great shots, vision, and passing abilities. The point players on the 2nd PP are now Suban and Bouillon but I would try and work Galchenyuk in to replace Bouillon. Although the latter is a good D Galchenyuk has a better shot, vision, and passing ability. Galchenyuk did play point on the PP in Junior and with the top six healthy up front he is not getting on the PP and his ice time has dropped. He is only 18 years old but plays like a young veteran so why not try this in practice and work it into the game gradually. Ed.
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  • Comment on Canadiens practice in Florida (2012-02-25 19:56:21)
    If Serge Savard is interested he would be a good VP Hockey Operations with complete authority to rebuild the organization. He would hire a new GM and he could groom a young GM such as a Joel Bouchard. He and the GM can then look for a coach, some candidates already mentioned such as Carbo or Roy would be good choices. He could then clean out pro and amateur scouting by hiring new managers and staff for those areas. Savard should also hire a manager of player development to follow prospects from the draft on through to the NHL, a candidate could be someone like Eric Desjardins. Bottom line is that the org needs a complete clean up starting with thanking Bob Gainey, Mr. Gauthier, and Cunny for their services. Savard would be the right man for this job but I do not see him as day to day GM given his age. He would however be an excellent VP and leader. Ed.
  • Comment on Habs take it easy (2011-01-13 15:27:24)

    What do do with AK46? He does not seem motivated and this is not helping the team yet he is an asset that you cannot simply give away. For now though the team needs all the resources pulling towards wins and he is going in the opposite direction. When Cammalleri comes back AK46 should not dress but until then why not call up Boyd and give him a real chance and send AK46 to the press box. When AK46 proves at least over a number of training sessions that he is interested in working towards a win then give him another chance, one game at a time. Boyd could still stay up and go in the lineup if he plays well replacing another poor performer.


  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-01-03 21:49:46)

    The Habs have a very good team this year but the prospect future does not look good. Why can other teams build through the draft and development and the Habs cannot? I like Cammalleri, Gionta, Gomez, Gill, etc.. but trying to constantly win via free agency is not a successful formula (See 'Sather, NY Rangers'). The Habs should change their head scout, Timmins, who has not done a good job and start drafting and developing their own players and then 'rounding' out with FA's. The present 23 man roster includes 11 FA's, 7 draft choices, and 5 traded for players. During this year's regular season we have traded away 2 players (O'Byrne and Lapierre), 2 draft picks for 1 player, 1 draft pick, and 1 minor league player; not a process that vlaues the draft and development. It is much harder and much more work to draft well and develop well. It is easy and lazy to simply throw money at FA's. Time to change the formula or get new management that will do so.


  • Comment on Game 27: Canadiens tame Sharks in matinee (2010-12-04 19:41:45)

    Cannot see keeping Gomez on the 4th line as a viable option. Gomez was a very important player for us last year and will be again, we will need him. Cammalleri is also not as effective this year. I also do not think that Moen has the ability to play on the top two lines. So, what to do. Call up Paciorety and try the following: Line 1A - Plekanec, Cammalleri, AK46; Line 1B - Gomez, Gionta, Paciorety. This should work as Gomez and Gionta played well together last year and the 1A line has worked super in the past. Leave Pouliot on the 3rd line as he is doing well as are the bottom two lines overall.

    As for Suban, he will earn his way back into the lineup and Weber will find his place as additional injuries may occur.


  • Comment on 120% (2008-10-29 19:23:38)
    I watch RDS all the time out here in BC and like most of the changes that they made this year with the broadcast as Bouchard and Brunet are working out well in their roles. Miss Yvon Pedneault as the chemistry between he and Houde was excellent, ditto as I miss the Crete/Demers/Brunet combo, but the new guys are working out well. A little less impressed with Bergeron and Gagnon however. They blow their own horns too much. Not crazy to see Bergeron on the new 120% show as I think that he is way 'past due' as far as his read of players and the game are concerned, does he watch many games? Finally, I will never watch this 120% program as long as Beaudry is involved. This guy is a vulgar bigot and that is not funny in my book. He also knows absolutely nothing about hockey and surely does not watch any games. That is sometimes ok if you are a non hockey professional guest, but he actually thinks he knows something. I remember him trying to dictate strategy to Jean Peron who made him look like the fool that he is. Anyways, if he is in then I am out. I'll stick with the Zone that is very well run with good panelists (Thibeault, Fichaud, Chico, Desjardins, etc...), and a very good (and fair to all Quebecers regardless of language) moderator in Villeneuve.
  • Comment on Game 24: Canadiens beat Leafs 4-3 in shootout (2007-11-28 11:53:39)
    Good win for the Habs, very good team effort. It is hard at times to understand all of the hand wringing over the team's recent performance when you look at the stats. This team, at essentially the 1/4 mark this season, is among the best. We are standing fourth overall in points and scoring while in the middle of the pack in goals against. We have the talent and coaching to go very far, for example: -At centre we are solid with good two way players such as Koivu, Plekanic, Chipchura, and Smolinski. -We have good scoring on the wings with good balance. Kovalev is one of the best wingers in the league this year and if he continues should make the All Star game. -Our goaltending is the best in the league, period. We do not have to worry about golaie slumps as both Huet and Price are equally capable of stealing a game any night. -We have the best defenceman in the league in Markov and soon to be second best in Komo. Overall we have the best defense group in the league. -Our only weakness is team toughness. Gainey should address that, where is Downey right now, is he available? Guy Lafleur was playing to the cameras and I think his comment was pointing to the Saturday performance more than anything. Guy, at times, seems a little jealous of the salaries that ordinary players earn today compared to his era. I think that clouds his judgement sometimes. We have enough to go far and possibly win this year so people should be more positive. If we stay relatively injury free we could go all the way.