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  • Comment on One more sleep (2011-01-05 09:55:11)

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm travelling from NB to catch the next 2 games.

    I don't know Montreal and was wondering if you guys had some tips on where to go before the games, after the games, best places to eat/drink etc. 

  • Comment on Canadiens back to work today (2011-01-04 10:31:34)

    Hey everyone,

    I'm travelling from NB to catch the Pit and Bos games.  One of our buddies backed out at the last minute.  I have 1 ticket to both games.  email me at derekpleblanc@hotmail.com if anyone is interested. 

  • Comment on Whew! (2010-12-16 15:43:57)

    I'm not sure about anyone else but I think Pitkanen/Arnott would be huge aquisitions for us at the deadline.

    I have no idea what the price would be but they are both vets that are UFA at the deadline.

    Pitkanen is extremly under rated IMO.


  • Comment on Subban a healthy scratch (2010-12-02 12:53:16)

    I understand this decision but I hate it.  At least PK admitted his mistakes and took ownership.

    What about the other player who was somewhat at fault for the same 2 goals?  Cammi...he acted like he did nothing wrong. 

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-11-02 23:24:10)

    "Though I don't love Markov, and I would trade him, it would take Duncan Keith or something like that in return to do it. I just wish Markov could hit the f***ing net!"

    I seriously hope your joking.  If you think we could get Keith for Markov, your hockey knowledge is seriously lacking.  I love Markov and my favorite Hab but he is no where close to Duncan Keith.  Age alone makes that wish ludicris. 

    Markov will be fine.  He is coming back from a major injury and is rusty.

    The real issue is becoming G & G.  Gomez has never been this bad, it's almost like he doesn't care anymore. 

    Here is a question, if Scott Gomez was a Free Agent this past summer, what would he have signed for?



  • Comment on About last night … (2010-10-17 03:22:20)

    About AK.........

    I've been watching this kid since he was drafted.  Like most of us, I have always compared him to who we "could" have picked, which is unfair.  Sports are unfair.  That's life. 

    Even when AK was at his best, he was never back checking like he is this season.  Tomas Plekancec is a major reason for this turn around.  I know it's only 5 games but this is a different player on so many levels.  He is skating, hitting and most importantly.....SHOOTING. 

    I know Gionta is the captain, but certain players are influenced in different ways.  Pleks is AK's captain.  He is showing AK how to be a complete player.  Pleks does not take shifts off and that's contagious.        

    Obviously time will tell, but if AK can play like this on a consistent basis, we will have 8-10 more points than last year, which in the Eastern Conference can mean 2-4 spots in the standings. 

    I rarely pick anyone on the Habs in my pools, but here is hoping that AK will finally be called a great draft pick.  Even if it's in my one little fantasy hockey world. 

    Viva Montreal!!!

    P.S.-  It shouldn't be Price Vs Halak, it shoud be Halak Vs Plekanec.  Just sayin. 






  • Comment on Domination … again (2010-10-16 20:18:53)

    Darche is an AHL player on good nights.  No salary cap would mean no Darche.  I know that could be said for alot a players in the league. 

  • Comment on Domination … again (2010-10-16 20:13:04)

    Pleks is a great influence on AK.  I really believe on and off the ice he is helping him.  He's skating and back checking.  That never used to happen. 

  • Comment on Sanford, White, Maxwell, Henry, Weber to ‘Dogs (2010-10-06 21:07:12)

    1. Playing TO: will their be fights?   

    Moen and OB, obviously.   Who else can fight?    Oh yeah, Lapierre too. 

    2. Which ONE player could make a big difference if he steps it up tomorrow?

    A K!!  AK!!  That's how many we need.

    3. Ryan White.  Should there be a place for him in our line-up?  Or is it better to have a guy like that ready to step in?

    Yes.  Depth is good but I still like White over Darche & Halpern.  He has that edge we need.

    4. Who's a bigger d$ck: Grabovski, Komiserik, or Phaneuf?  Discuss.

    Grabovski for that Bell Centre scene, Phanuef, then Komi. 

    5.What will the score be tomorrow?   First person to pick the right score (if there's more than one) wins a prize! 

    Price-  4-3 Habs

    Auld- 5-4 Habs OT

  • Comment on Cammalleri awaits decision (2010-10-04 15:15:16)

    Cassie Campbell just tweeted Cammi got 1 game for slash.