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Favorite current player: Well it was Koivu... So sad to see him go...
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  • Comment on Bettman has become ‘hockey’s worst enemy’ (2012-11-25 21:01:45)
    I have to respectfully disagree with your analogy of winning the lottery... Signing a big league contract after spending your entire life working towards that is not the same as having 25 million given to you just for buying a lotto ticket... I've worked hard my whole life, and when I got a much better paying job, making comfortable money, I sure didn't lose my drive! I work harder now than ever, and I believe human nature is to take PRIDE in what you do, and do your best to EARN your paycheck. I also believe if I signed a contract, and my employer locked me out saying they only want to pay 75% of what we agreed, I wouldn't be ok with that at all... so I can understand the players plight to have their contracts honored... That being said, damn them all! I want hockey back! I want my Habs back! Cheers
  • Comment on Liveblog: Price steals a point (2011-11-26 22:31:05)
    I like Cammy, but he's been awful. He must be playing hurt? If he is, he should sit and heal, because he's become a liability.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Price steals a point (2011-11-26 22:20:23)
    Literally, that is exactly what he said. Good for him. I hope the NHL hears him, and he get's fined, because it will be worth every penny!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Price steals a point (2011-11-26 22:16:52)
    That was EXACTLY what I though when they showed Letang on the ice for the start of OT, with his blood covered jersey. So sick of the pathetic officiating in the NHL. Pretty sure he didn't spend his time in the 'Quiet Room', as per NHL protocol either...
  • Comment on Cammy out with the flu (2011-03-14 11:38:38)

    Cammy needs to take some Cold FX, ffs.  Isn't this the second time he's been out with the flu this season?