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  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 09:16:02)

    I cheer for the logo on the front, not the name in the back. What about you? If one player I love gets traded, I wish him the best and I'll still cheer for my team. For those contemplating switching teams, do it. Maybe there'll be less anthem booing and players booing at the Bell this year.

    I loved Halak, but in Price they have a young player with similar achievements and talent who can be as good, maybe even more, and cost twice less than Halak. They are managing a business after all, and we are short of cap space. Price at 2 mill(maybe a bit less or a bit more)+ a cheap veteran goaltender gives the management more money to work with. Who knows, maybe the Halak trade is paving the way for other moves. Armchair GMs, phew....