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  • Comment on Habs name Mellanby director of player personnel (2012-05-28 22:31:50)
    His birth certificate shows a connection to Montreal...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Sabres beat Canadiens 3-2 in OT (2012-03-12 19:23:20)
    Markov had the pass out the defensive zone that soon led to Cole's goal.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-16 10:20:48)
    The Kaberle slapper from centre ice (or often times the wrong side of centre ice) is a momentum killer and needs to be taken out of his game. It is brain dead hockey and he did it again last night on the power play that was easily cleared. He could skate in or wrap around the boards. A few weeks ago, he did it from the wrong side of centre in the 3rd period in consecutive games. WTF does he expect to happen, it is never on net and only into the lively boards causing an icing or an easy clear. This seems like the easiest flaw in his game to fix (other than him not getting on the ice).
  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2011-04-23 18:54:36)
    If PJ was bashing Gomez, he wasn't the only one. Hickey was on NESN pregame about 20 minutes ago and torched him - saying he was the most dissappointing player in the series, makes $8m, and drags down Gionta's game with him. He also thought DD or someone else should have been moved up to the line. Nothing he said wasn't anything already known, but interesting to hear it again.
  • Comment on They needed that (2011-03-20 19:47:00)
    Buffalo blew it when Geoffrion scored a hat trick for Nashville. 1 in the 1st, then 2 late in the 3rd. Erat with the OT winner.
  • Comment on 50 shots (2011-01-02 15:21:46)


  • Comment on First dilemma of 2011 (2011-01-01 11:48:07)

    In the states here... just curious what RDS and the Quebec contingent has been saying on the recent moves.  I thought the Wiz move was genuis (even before last night's game).  Then adding another defenseman in the Lappy move.  Was RDS still pushing for MAB?  These 2 moves should put an end to it. 

    I see 3 Quebecors on the roster with the Desharnais call-up.  Losing Lappy and adding him keeps it at 3, yet it could be 2 at the end of the week if they shuttle him back to Hamilton.  Is this an all-time low # for the Habs?  I saw with the Wiz acquisition, they are at high with Americans.

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-28 22:54:37)

    The last few weeks have been a bummer to watch.  I was disappointed in the off-season when they didn't resign Dominic Moore.  IMO, he is a tad bit better than Darche & Halpern.  Yet, moaning over a 4th line center won't solve the problems the team is currently facing.  Does bringing in Langenbrunner to play with his old pals from NJ help?  It could help... personally, I'd love to see it.  I also believe that there a better answer is a top 6 forward to play with them that has size. 

    If Gorges is out, they need at least one more D.  Wiz is a great start.

  • Comment on They never quit (2010-12-19 20:24:25)

    I'm in New Hampshire.  This happens all the time with the HD games. Last year when I talked to them, they said that if both feeds were on in low-def (both home and away) it could cause the HD to be blacked out... yet tonight there is only the Avs feed available, no RDS, no TSN, no CBC.  It is annoying.  FiOS isn't available in my area.  Very close to converting to Directv.

  • Comment on They never quit (2010-12-19 20:12:38)

    Anyone else in the States with Comcast?  There is usually 1 or 2 games a night listed on the schedule in HD, yet 35-50% of the time it is blacked out.  Tonights game is supposed to also be in HD w/ the Avalanche feed, yet it is blacked out.  Only the Avs low-def feed is on now.  Anyone know why this happens?  I know if I call comcast I won't get an answer