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  • Comment on Amazing! (2011-05-22 10:37:11)
    One thing that bothers me about TSN's hockey coverage is that we hear Pierre McGuire use the phrase "out of gas" about 1,000 times a game. I like the guy but come on - it's like he gets a royalty every time he says it. Yesterday it seemed like it was in every second sentence. This game was a great example of why one should never turn a game off when it's still early. When it was 3-0, I was thinking of just switching it off and going to play video games. I said nah, watch a bit more, you never know....thank god I didn't.
  • Comment on That was fun (2011-05-17 15:50:55)
    Actually I'd prefer Chara getting a nice slapshot in the nuts. That would make my day.
  • Comment on That was fun (2011-05-17 15:49:26)
    Yeah that's a depressing fact. Least last year we made it to the Finals. God I hope we make it to the second round at least next year.
  • Comment on That was fun (2011-05-17 15:47:25)
    The only thing that worries be about tonight is that the Bolts are on a winning streak and streaks come to an end. I just hope it doesn't end tonight. I'd rather they have a 2-0 lead in the series than split it.
  • Comment on The plan (for now) (2011-05-01 10:41:04)
    Well, according to Mr. Cherry next season is the season where Gomez is going to have a breakout year and kick all kinds of ass. We shall see. If Pacioretty is on his line I can see his stats going up but I doubt he's going to score more than 20 (and if he does that'll be a miracle). He'll probably have a crapload of assists though thanks to Pac and Gionta.
  • Comment on How about those Bruins? (2011-05-01 10:38:08)
    I really enjoyed Pronger giving that Bruins player a few whacks with this his stick yesterday (after the guy tried to trip him as they were going after a puck to the icing call). Even if Boston advances, I can't see them winning the Cup at all.
  • Comment on How about those Bruins? (2011-05-01 10:34:13)
    As bad as Don is, Jack Edwards makes him look like Elliot Friedman by comparison.
  • Comment on The plan (for now) (2011-04-30 09:17:48)
    According to this, the Habs are interested in signing Jagr: http://toomanymenonthesite.com/2011/04/29/montreal-canadiens-have-interest-in-former-nhl-star-jaromir-jagr/ Uh, yeah, ok. I think the worst thing about losing the first round (other than losing to a bunch of sore winners of all things) is having to wait until October to see the Habs again. Watching the playoffs is great but it's just not the same without them.
  • Comment on Post-mortems on Canadiens (2011-04-29 08:04:47)
    On a message board I visit there's a guy (a Boston fan) who went on a big rant about PK Subban and how disgusting a player he is because he's a "dirty rotten player and I don't understand why anyone would want him." Meanwhile he completely ignores his own team with their class acts. You'd think they'd be happy with the series win but no, they still have to bitch about us. That's one positive about this: I love how we get under their skin this much.
  • Comment on Gomez cops to bad season (2011-04-29 08:00:07)
    One thing that really stuck out for me about Gomez this year is that he was often shown laughing away on the bench when the team was losing. The guy doesn't have to be serious all the time, but when your team is losing terribly you would think a little bit of pride would make him at least a little pissed off. Can you imagine Richard, Lafleur, any of the real greats, laughing like that? For those who say the pressure will be off next season, that's wrong. The pressure will be even worse. We've had two years with him now and people will be watching him like a hawk. I hope he improves, but I doubt he will. The guy has had 2 years already.