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  • Comment on Liveblog: Super Sunday (2012-02-05 13:42:21)
    Logic? Are you kidding me. I thought Sather plain dumb to sign him to that size of contract even though they didn't have to give up any assets and Gomez was a better player when he left NJ than when he was when he left NY to come to Mtl. Gainey trading for Gomez after 2 seasons of decline in NY shows a serious issue with pro scouting. Actually, it's not even an issue with pro scouting. Most ordinary fan could see that Gomez for whatever reason, was a player on the decline with a huge contract. Gainey throwing in McDonugh at the time was totally brain dead. That trade ranks as the second worst in the NHL this century so far, just behind the Bruins giving away Joe Thornton
  • Comment on Jets, with Byfuglien, return to Montreal (2012-02-05 09:05:52)
    They're 28th overall. If they string 10 wins together, they'll be back in the hunt. When was the last time the Habs won 10 in a row?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-01-20 22:59:58)
    Never mind this season, it's in the tank. Please anyone out there--take a minute to look at where the Canadiens have finished each and every season for the past 15yrs; it might shock you. Personally, I think it might be rather unique in North American sports. If you look at the last 15yrs, the Canadiens average 15th overall in the regular season. Only once have they finished in the top 10 in the league and only once in the bottom 10. Every other year between 11th and 19th overall. What in the world is this organization's philosophy? How can an organization be almost perfectly average for nearly a generation? It's truly a bizarre accomplishment--literally every good trade is negated by a bad one, every good draft pick negated by a draft bust. Wonder if this season given that it's trending way off the norm will be a positive catalyst or a negative one for the organization
  • Comment on A fan weighs in (2012-01-13 19:02:04)
    it's interesting that Gauthier is saying we need to get bigger when he was Gainey's partner in trading and signing small guys in the first place. Bourque helps a bit in the size department but you'd think if Gauthier had shopped Cammy around, he might have gotten a bit more. Would have liked to see a trade where it's obvious as to which direction the Habs are taking. Trading for a 30yr old with 4 more years on his contract suggests the Habs are still into finding band aids for their team
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-30 05:46:06)
    The Lightning have 1 more cup this decade than we do.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-30 05:44:44)
    I'm begging that the organization will drop the mantra, "hey if we can just make the playoffs, anything can happen." I find it disgusting and rather mediocre. 1/2 the teams in the league make the playoffs, so the organization's mantra is, hey let's be average. I'd rather finish in last place and rebuild properly as opposed to the constant finishing between 6th and 11th every year for 16yrs save for 1 season. It's a bit of a farce
  • Comment on Liveblog: Three in a row (2011-12-19 22:10:48)
    Where have you been the last 16yrs? Aside from one season, this is what the team is--a vehicle that has somehow managed to defy reality and spin its muddy wheels in perfect unison so that it'll never plunge off the cliff to lottery status but unfortunately, never gain enough traction to propel it to elite status either. It's really quite a feat
  • Comment on Molson moves to clarify coaching move, quell language firestorm (2011-12-19 22:04:27)
    Is that all it takes to learn the language--just a little hard work? I took it every year from kindergarten right through to college--about 18yrs of it and never picked it up all that well. Who cares if he can speak French? Do you really get a kick out of him saying, "gee we didn't work as hard as we could have and should have forechecked harder," in French as opposed to English? Either way, 99% of what comes out of a professional coach's mouth is just a recycled cliche so he might as well speak Chinese for all I care. His language impacts my life a whopping 0%. Those who have such strong judgements against him, maybe should turn those piercing eyes inward
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 08:42:41)
    Firing the coach is a bit of a cop-out in my opinion. I can only think of a tiny handful of examples where it made sense--firing Therrian in Pittsburg and John Muckler firing Ted Nolan in Buffalo. I wasn't a big Martin fan but to me coaching is somewhat overrated; it's the quality of the players. People can say, hey the Habs are only a couple of points out of the playoffs, if they had a better home record, if they hadn't lost 2 games to the Leafs, if they hadn't blown a handful of 3rd period leads, if they hadn't lost XX games in OT, we'd be better but it's a chicken and the egg thing, we didn't win those games because more often than not, the opposition played better than we did. It's rarely an issue of luck in professional sports but rather which organization throws out the best group of players and which group of players execute the best over a given game, season or playoff. The fact that the Canadiens can't hold onto leads, can't win in OT suggests that they aren't good enough to. They're not miles and miles worse than the Leafs, Rangers, Sabres etc. but sufficiently worse that they'll lose more often than not in the above mentioned situations
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 08:35:50)
    I'll admit, I live in Ottawa, not Montreal so I get what people are sayng about the coach being French but last time I checked, the coach speaks to the media not necessarily to the fans and then the media filters the message as they see fit to. In my opinion, the organization is so weak and feeble, probably best for the media to cut them some slack and let them figure out how to win first. After that, if that day ever comes, worry about finding a bilingual coach.