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  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher won’t be cheering for Bruins in Cup final (2013-06-13 10:59:52)
    Been awhile since I commented on the site. I agree the Murray is what is needed on the D. I think it would be nice if MB could trade Diaz to NYI for Niederreiter. It would give Snow another offensive Swiss D and Nino would look real good with Patch's & DD.
  • Comment on Audio: Metro game-time decision for Game 3 (2010-04-18 12:52:06)

    I for one am very happy with the way the guys have played so far in this series. The whole hockey world predicted a sweep by the Caps. It is a fact that Bettman wants the cup to remain in the States. God knows they need the extra media coverage and money to keep alot of those teams afloat. We are not going to get the calls from the refs so the guys are just going have to suck it up and keep playing the way they have been. It sure will be nice in the next couple of years when PK, Weber and a couple more of the boys from the baby Habs make it to the big show. I believe that we will once again be one of the power house teams in the league, we are very close to it now. I just wish that one of the guys would punch Ovie in the mouth the next time he runs our goalie. The refs let Ovie sucker our guys so maybe if we did that a couple of times they would have second thoughts of getting in front of our net.

  • Comment on Game 13: Higgy’s hat, Price’s shutout lift Habs (2008-11-12 17:52:13)
    I'm glad the league suspended Ruutu, just wish it was for 5 or 10 games. He was even smirking in the interview saying things happen on the ice. BGL should take care of that the next game they play. It should be an interesting game. Overall it was the best game the Habs played in a couple of years, at least the games I watched. Laps, Dandy and O'B played excellent for a change. I hope they can keep it up. Someone made the comment about BGL not being able to skate or handle the puck. They are completely right but I would sooner see him in the box for 5 than Komi or anyone else for that matter. Everyone's been talking about trading Higgins, I think that would be a big mistake. He is an excellent 2 way player and is well respected not only by his teammates but from players around the league. He would be a welcome addition to any team so keep him with the best...
  • Comment on Oh to be a fly on the wall …. (2008-11-10 17:38:49)
    Enough about super Tom. Everyone knows he did not try to hurt Van Ryn, he was just trying to forecheck and get the puck. Too bad some of the other Habs wouldn't put in the effort that TK does every shift of every game. We have too many players trying to score and padding their stats for the big contract. Saku said it right earlier in the day, too much offense. With the talent on this team they can score 2 or 3 goals a period just off turnovers. Too many guys in the press box too. Trade GBL, Dandy and Lats and get a good #2 or #3 defensive dman. You can't blame the goalies either for the past few games. No help at all from the forwards and the dmen can't cover everyone. Maybe these couple of games will knock some sense into a few players heads and we can start playing like a team again instead of a bunch of want-to-be superstars.
  • Comment on Canadiens set to take on Maple Leafs (2008-11-08 14:59:38)
    Breeze will be lucky to get 3 more all season. Should sit him out and put O'Bryne in. Wish BG would trade for another good dman, only thing missing to make this a great team.......
  • Comment on Canadiens set to take on Maple Leafs (2008-11-08 14:09:19)
    Should be an interesting game tonight. I think the Habs will win big especially after loosing last night. What out for AK and Sk, they are going to have a big game. Don't be too hard on Grabovski, he can't help it if he ain't good enough for the habs. He will be a great player on the laffs though.....