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  • Comment on Habs leading all-star voting … by a lot (2008-11-13 11:30:10)
    the allstar game is the biggest dive in the league- more acting by more players than in the rest of the season combined. making the habs "compete" in this travesty is so distasteful to me, i can't bring myself to vote for them. it wouldn't be so bad, but the idea of the game is to acquaint players with everyone else. its still about the drive for the cup, but the on ice live feel of the game is supposed to let out players key-up for the matches that are coming down the line. games are lost in the playoffs waiting to compete with the like of crosby, and zetterberg, and all the rest, but they change from year to year, and its as big a disappointment for some that the team one is psyched to beat isn't in. that's when the biggies look inward from this game and pull something big out of the hat.