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  • Comment on Martin tees off (2011-07-18 20:33:50)
    Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Can't wait to hear what Jack has to say about Benny and his "here today, gone for 5 months" consistency. And let me tell you folks just how bad it is being a HAbs fan living in the States. I have to watch every Habs/Bruins game on the NESN feed unless it might happen to be on Versus. This guy's the worst and he seems to become more of a homer each and every shift. Brickley is at least insightful and can break down the game on the fly. He does admirable work on Versus when working with ANYONE but Edwards. Edwards definitely has pictures of some executive at NESN in a compromising position with a pet of some sort. Man, if only we could get the TSN Regional English feed. Instead I spend half of the first period trying to pause, start, rewind and fast forward to get the DVR to match the radio feed off my laptop. Can we start the season tomorrow?
  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-29 21:58:37)

    Great info as always all.  Thanks. 

    Unfortunately for me even my Center Ice package does me no good right now.  I'm stuck with Versus.  Hope they keep Sam Rosen covering the Habs.  Everyone else is horribly biased against them. 

  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-29 21:46:19)

    10-4.  Thanks.

    I hear Gainey has BGL on a plane headed for show the team where they can find a good meal.

  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-29 21:42:55)

    Well done Deuce.

  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-29 21:41:42)

    Can anyone explain how TSN wound up with the Round 1 series?  As a not-in-the-know silly American I was scratching my head that CBC was stuck covering the BOS/BUF series.  Great for TSN, just had me baffled. 


  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-29 21:37:17)

    Jaro's unbeaten against them.  That seals it.  On to Round 3!

  • Comment on Habs regroup on eve of Round 2 (2010-04-29 19:52:24)

    Sure they can, but Fleury is not the reason.  Fleury will wake up and we all know how those Francophone goalies always kill the Habs - I'm sure everyone remembers Martin Biron two years ago when we thought the Habs might struggle, but should ultimately prevail in that series against Philly.

    Habs can win this series the same way they won against the Caps.  Stick to the Martin/Muller system that they decided to buy into (better late than never) and hopefully continue to ride the hottest goaltender in the playoffs right now.  PK and PP will continue to be key as they are in any series.  Martin also out coached Boudreau, and I certainly didn't think that was possible.  Bylsma is a lot more experienced at this time of year and that will not be so easy to do this time around.

    The one thing we all have to like is that the chances are whoever wins this series represents the East in the Cup Finals (barring a major rash of injuries which could happen to any club at any time).  Once you get there anything is possible, just like it was in 1993 when we last danced in the streets and sang as a party of one in honour of our beloved team.

    Cautiously optimistic...that's my M.O.  Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here.



  • Comment on Good start for Habs I/O (2008-11-03 14:52:54)
    Just a flat out great site. The only place to come for all of the info we need on our beloved Habs. I'm here all the time, but finally got inspired to create an account. Keep up the amazing work!