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  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-13 20:36:58)
    Stop voting for these guys for the All-Star game, they all saw that they were leading their respective categories and decided not to show up tonight. Becoming way to common a theme this year. Habs were beating the Bruins 3-0 on opening night at the Bell Center and Bruins fought back (with a lucky bounce) for at least a many shots did the Habs have in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd period......0 that right ZERO....there is your difference. Its not skill folks, they have a guy in Ryder who plays on their first line that didnt even crack the Habs line-up, its all work ethic and thats the issue. Could somebody teach Lang how to shoot at an open net, how many times do I have to watch this guy miss a wide open cage. He puts that in and its a different game. Missed opportunites, not working and a PP that has been figured out by the rest of the league, not a good combination.
  • Comment on Update: Hamrlik out (2008-11-08 22:34:19)
    Tonights game was basically a reflection of the season so far. Taking dumb penalties, defensive break-downs and worst of all, NOT WORKING HARD. The boys have to understand that last year, there weren't any expectations and teams didn't get up for them. This year, they are going to face a battle every night and if they're not ready for each game or don't want work hard, than over the long run, they will lose more than they win. Overall, I am not worried about tonights game, you knew the Leafs would be gunning for them after their performance in early October. My concern is that with the exception of the first Leafs game and maybe the Flyers game, the Habs have for the most part been the worst of the two teams on the ice. There is just no flow to their game, Kovy is dangling too much (does he shoot anymore), Lats looks lost and even Price/Halak have looked questionable on some goals. I know its still early and after all their record is still 8-2-2 but their are just some issues that have to be addresed ASAP.