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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-24 12:10:40)
    It's not about whether Darche is talented enough to blast PK, a definitely gifted player. It's about hockey smarts. If you're in the NHL, you (should) have that. So use it. Don't hold onto the puck when you should be making a pass to an OPEN player.
  • Comment on Jean BĂ©liveau: True class turns 79 (2010-08-31 09:53:02)

    Bonne fete M. Beliveau!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-05-01 08:20:43)

    "It is becoming increasingly difficult, approaching impossible, to make a case for AK46's bright potential.

    He has more brain cramps on one shift than Crosby has in a season. And having this dog as a teammate is an insult to the dedication of Brian Gionta.

    In the first game of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, a first-round draft choice with size, speed and a wicked wrister ended the game playing with Glen Metropolit and Tom Pyatt.

    The only player Jacques Martin likes less than Andrei Kostitsyn is Sergei Kostitsyn.

    Package them both, Pierre, and trade them to Minsk."


    Well said, Mike. I totally agree that these guys are major busts. And everyone wants to trade Price away... I think we have more pressing matters...

  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 09:12:26)
    It's very simple: never give up. As the RDS boys said it last night, "Only good teams can find ways to win when they're losing". If only the penalty-fest and slow starts would end. I will always believe the team has a chance to come back, right until the last second.