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  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-29 00:18:03)
    Wings extended Tatar 3 yrs/$8.25m ($2.75m per). Thats a steal for this shifty guy. Why can't we get players like this and sign them for chump change?
  • Comment on “This is the tightest group we’ve ever had,” Price says of Habs (Video) (2014-06-02 11:59:51)
    I like the list, especially keeping Eller and Pleks – who seem to be on a lost of people's list for trade bait. Eller played to his size in playoff run and was strong on the puck. Pleks might have burned himself out but he is good in all zones and our best FO center. Only changes I would make to you list: Trade Toker while his value is high. He needs to play and Price's backup gets like zero ice time. Plus, we are grooming Fucale. Vanek will walk. There is no amount of money that will keep him in Montreal. Prust and Markov are tough ones. Leave emotion out of it and Markov is an easier decision. Too old, too slow. Will miss his on-ice vision though. This team can ill-afford to lose gritty forwards with size but Prust is simply too fragile. He misses more games than he plays. Keep Gorges. He's undersized and gets pounded so many nights but he's a gamer and a shot-blocking machine. Bye bye Briere, Gio, White, Cube, Parros. Bourque is the only guy on the bubble IMO. When you get his best, he's a keeper. But how often is that?
  • Comment on “This is the tightest group we’ve ever had,” Price says of Habs (Video) (2014-06-02 11:10:18)
    Joe Thornton is on the way out in San Jose. He'd be a nice fit.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Devils edge Kings 3-1, series goes back to Jersey (2012-06-06 17:39:01)
    Has there been any talk about Larry Robinson as asst for d-men? I know he didnt want HC job but tapping out the d pairs and mentoring pk and that emelin who i love would be cool no? And his ego would likely not allow it but would Roy be a decent asst. Both need to return home in some way.
  • Comment on Takes on the game (2011-12-16 11:52:22)
    RIGHT! Pleksy is going to earn every dime of his contract. A coach who feels his job is on the line every night is always going to go down with the ship whipping his studs into the grounds.
  • Comment on Takes on the game (2011-12-16 11:50:34)
    Size, toughness, ocassional fight is Blunden's role and we dont have any of that. And how do we know what kind of game he has when he skates out, does a circle and comes right back for 2 shifts a night? Granted, we are not deep enough to skate a quality 12 forwards but it can be made up for in hard skating for 45 seconds. Semi-regular shifts for the fourth line, with them being physical and selling out for a shift, can be invaluable. Most every other team does this.
  • Comment on Takes on the game (2011-12-16 11:32:55)
    First off, Darche (-2 last night) should not even be playing hockey for money. He would be average in a beer league. Other than Cole, topliners are invisible. Cammy was a no-show ... again, and a minus-2. Pleks needs help and Gionta and Gomez are out. REASON? These smaller forwards break down easier and faster. JM has been playing them too many minutes this season (something he got into doing during the playoffs a couple of years ago). Blunden played 3 minutes! That's it. It's hardly worth the effort of lacin' 'em up. Leblanc played 4 minutes. Both had their first points. Roll 4 lines is the only way to go in this game now anymore. Energy and passion are the things that are missing night after night. People want to blame JM for this and that is where the ax usually falls when players dont play hard. But player can bring more energy and hustle to every shift when they are properly rested. Just saying.
  • Comment on New series (2011-04-22 11:59:48)
    We dominated the first half of the game and then ... But the micro-reason for the loss was PK Subban. Im not one knocking the kid. You live by both edges of the sword with a rookie in the post-season BUT... That OT goal came as a direct result of Subban mistakes. He made a rush into the Boston zone while the forwards were changing when he didnt really have to (he should have just dumped the puck in). The result was he had to haul a** back into his own zone and barely covered a counter rush by the bean-eaters. After that he was gassed and had to get off the ice. As the right D on a "long change" period, he was forced to gamble and try to get off with Gill. His poorly-timed change resulted in the 3-1 odd-man rush happened because PK unnecessarily tired himself on a pointless rush when he should have kept it simple. Again, there were numerous reasons for last night's loss -- it wasnt just PK, but I havent seen or heard anyone notice the bad change that resulted in an off-man rush. In OT at home, especially, you play it safe.
  • Comment on Must-win for Boston (2011-04-18 10:24:24)
    How will we play without an early lead? That, IMO, is the biggest question. I think those early tallies in games 1 and 2 were key to allowing the Habs to relax and smother the Bears with their mind-numbing trap. I will be very nervous if we dont score first. After all, we still arent exactly lighting the lamp like crazy.
  • Comment on Audio: Cammalleri still out; no Crosby (2011-01-12 11:45:54)

    I love Gill's game in his own end, sure. He shines on the PK. But so much of the game today demands D-men be flexible and fast to turrn and run after the chip and chase stuff. For every blocked shot or pass on the PK, there is a Dubinsky that smokes by Gill like last night. Im not saying trade him, we should dump Hammer first. In fact, on that subject, the sooner we lose Gomez the better. His heart isnt in it. He plays no defence, coughs up the puck constantly, and hasnt scored near enough dollars-to-goals. His salary is absurd, I know, so just pay him out through his contract and send him home to Alaska.

    Eller will get it. Pouliot is getting better, using his size. That SO move last week was sick.