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  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 19:13:55)
    Galchenyuk is 20 years old...I don't see that happening. Can't even order a beer in the states and he's going to go head-to-head with the bergeron's of the world??? Gionta and Gorges just left, understandably so, but Montreal is not going to get rid of a veteran like plekanec. Not now. Parenteau is a swinging gate defensively, gallagher isn't far behind. We need guys in our top six that are defensively sound and thats what Thomas is. I wouldn't mind Steve Ott!!
  • Comment on Habs invite 50 players to development camp (2014-07-04 16:39:35)
    Who really cares about enforcers??? Tough guys who get you 20 goals a year don't fall off trees. Fighters can be picked up at any time. They are as cheap as Brad Marchand plays. Our bottom six are set....where it gets interesting is whether or not Sekac, andrighetto, de la rose etc., can handle top six duties in the NHL. Hopeful, but guessing no. Peter Mueller might be a cheap gamble??? But its only July, lots of time to find a RW. Assuming Gally plays with max and DD....plekanec will be needed to hold down the fort defensively if he plays with galchenyuk and parenteau. Weise looked great with borque and eller. Budaj is as good as gone (hoping for a fourth rounder but most likely a fifth or sixth) and want to see if Nygren has what it takes. A friend of mine played with him in Sweden and he says no. Don't like prospects saying where they are going to play!! Most likely moved for another late pick next draft. Just in time for MB to snag another gregoire!!! I agree with that Ian Cobb fella that timmins is one of the best in the biz but this draft reminded me of 2006 all over again!! (scherbak aside) "the puck got caught up in Dryden's paraphenalia"