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  • Comment on Pacioretty, Gionta join Eller on sidelines; two-game suspension for Sens’ Gryba (2013-05-03 11:59:46)
    Hockey makes me sick, as it is hot players can get anihilated by a nobody while series get derailed without any meaningfull consequences to the perpetuating teams... first there should be a " Hit the body or Dont " rule,... second, steel' like shoulder padding should be prohibited, as it is hockey is a contact sport gone wrong and just plain stupid.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-24 02:45:52)
    The present roster have proved ealier on that " crashing the net " and " net presence " were important facets to their game when they wanted it to be. Looking back at the start of this season it easy to remember how willing they were to do anything to win games and turned the page over the negativity of the previous season. They slowly realised as the season went on that as long as they kepted working hard and kepted working within the system that they had enought talent to win most of their games which they did..... the fact that they have lost only lost 2 games in regulation out of their last 20 games tells it all. Why brake your neck and get a puck in the face if you can do without it, why risk injuries ? When the playoff start it will be a different story and THEN they will re-insert in full measure the crashing and the net presence which was already a large part of their game while in the first segment of this season. This is an intelligent team, they play a fast game, have good scoring depth and plays bigger than their size when they need to, I'll go with that and when Bourque and Prust come back so much the better.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-20 03:26:34)
    Could have ended better, that said the soothing Jane works wonder, thanks Boone.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Sabres at Canadiens (2013-03-19 18:35:36)
    It makes me wonder that l'antichambre cant even get that one straight. The show is better on nights when Patrick Roy is over, more cerebral and more insightfull he makes everyone around him a little more accountable ..... otherwise, yes, our starting record this year is as sensational as it was unexpected.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-04 01:05:55)
    Talented, disciplined, gutsy..... what a brave bunch, BRAVO !!
  • Comment on Audio: Habs sign Subban to two-year deal (2013-01-29 01:18:56)
    Markov and Price have been huge while the Kids have surprised thus making our roster deeper and better than anticipated.... but none of it would matter much had not our team's game's face been transformed over what we saw here just a year ago but it has..... this year's team is more solid between the hears, more focused and works harder. Now with Subban back in the line-up man things are looking ho so good..... Markov AND Subban in the same team!! this is pretty much one of the best if not the best top D pair in the league and to me that makes us a serieus contender for a playoff spot this season. They are back in the race and to top it up Boone is back to write about it.... suddenly 2013 doesn't look so bad afer all.
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-16 15:05:50)
    An Habs/Inside/Out gutted out of its "about last night" serie and no Boone to look up for ? man, that was an horrible proposition..... quick someone signed him long term and lets be done with it.
  • Comment on Flyers make big move (2012-07-19 14:47:36)
    Weber has already consent to playing for Philly, Predators could match but the romantic era in Nashville will be gone anyway.... specially that Suter is gone too. I wonder if the Preds could have better managed their destiny.... in the end it seems all they might get in return of loosing the stars-duo will be 4 late first round picks collected over a 4 years span...... and some additional salary cap space to be shure but still.... ouch!.
  • Comment on Profs give Therrien passing grade (2012-07-05 14:59:39)
    Prust came-up on top in another fight against Lucic which I saw on some sites yesterday.
  • Comment on Exclusive: ‘Would have been interesting,’ Robinson says of Habs post (2012-07-02 14:31:42)
    I wonder why Lamoriello has kepted the Bervevin's group away from establishing personel contact to Robinson until july first ? Althought in his right to do so it did compromised Robinson's chances to move on into a potentially interesting situation for him..... Lamoriello a nice guy ? I have seen nicer than that in my life.