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  • Comment on Best wishes from HIO to young Habs fan battling meningitis (2014-07-30 00:17:56)
    So glad to hear that your son is doing better and that this community has come together to support your family - this is an amazing story all around. Ian Cobb has long set the standard for class on this site and it is heartening to see it carried forward from others who subscribe to these values as well. As fun as everyone is to read and chat with, this group has elevated itself to another level - way to go!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-28 12:19:06)
    Retro! You made it! I needed something to bring me back down to earth, and as always you produced. It's understandable that HFS72 would question your love for the team though, given that you've never said anything positive about the club on this site, ever.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-28 09:54:48)
    This year's team has me on cloud nine after 20 games - I think I need a solid dose of downer to bring me back to reality. Where's RetroMonkey when you need him?
  • Comment on Subban, Habs prepare to face Bruins (2013-02-05 18:07:05)
    The VPN service that I use is about $44... a year.
  • Comment on Bourque has surgery, out for a while (2012-08-30 10:55:19)
    YES - Tour de Suisse in 2001
  • Comment on One year since deaths of NHL enforcers (2012-08-08 12:40:58)
    We don't see a lot of cheap shots in the Olympics because a) there are fewer games contested and even a one-game ban means A LOT, and b) many cheap shots (head shots, slew foot, etc) result in an automatic game misconduct. You can't really compare the two because the rulebooks are totally different. If we converted to IIHF rules, hockey "purists" would be irate and many North American hockey fans would be very turned off. The penalties for fighting in the NCAA are similar to IIHF - fight and you're out. All this to say, there is clearly an element within the NHL that knows fights = ratings = money, which is why this argument is pointless. This won't change until someone dies from injuries caused directly from a fight (see bare-knuckle boxing).
  • Comment on One year since deaths of NHL enforcers (2012-08-08 11:44:59)
    That's the first time I've ever seen the words "Kordic" and "proficient scorer" used in the same sentence. He put up some assists and that's about it.
  • Comment on One year since deaths of NHL enforcers (2012-08-08 11:41:02)
    Don't kid yourself - fights still happen in football, and there are just as many if not more cheap shots that go undetected both during and away from the play. The biggest difference between both sports is that they have 5x as many refs in football than hockey that can call an infraction. If there were more eyes on (or off) the ice that could signal a penalty or cheap shot, then the refs would do a better job of keeping the game in check before things got out of hand. It doesn't help that far too often the ref who is out of position makes a bad call because the ref in position didn't do anything, but that's something the NHL has to get figured out in terms of consistency (of which there is none).
  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-08-01 11:46:24)
    In all likelyhood, he did, only to be met with blank stares and the sound of crickets chirping in the corner of the room.
  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-07-30 15:23:10)
    Why is Huskins even in the conversation? He's had one full season, and seems to have brittle bones if two ankle breaks and an upper body injury sidelined him for 150+ games over the past FOUR seasons.