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Habs fan since: 1979
Favorite current player: Sergei Kostitsyn
All-time favorite player: Sid the kid


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  • Comment on Is this ever cool! (2008-10-22 10:27:47)
    I really enjoy the new commercials. I think that the marketing team did an impressive job for the 100th anniversary. New players vs old players isn't a new idea by itself, but they render it in such a way that it's totally awesome and cool. I wish they would include more Sergei Kostitsyn pictures and sequences though. In fact, the marketing team is doing an excellent job since Pierre Boivin took over as President. I remember around 2000, people were ashamed to wear Canadiens gear, it was pretty "k├ętaine" and the Habs were simply "out". Now, the fans are back and people are proud of the CH brand like never before. It helps to have a winning team on the ice though. W.
  • Comment on Chipchura goes to the ‘dogs (2008-10-21 14:46:11)
    I think that Chipchura looked great on the wing. Since he struggles in the Faceoff circle, may he could move to the wing and be a more effective player. He's on a two-way, good decision to send him back down, he needs to play. Anyhow, Sergei Kostitsyn is a special player.