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  • Comment on Habs win in shootout (2008-10-29 13:59:07)
    If our PP continues to struggle, there's a chance Weber could be brought up, as he has a cannon from the point, and an offensive defenceman. You can bet that he'lll be up next year, and will be the guy replacing Streit, except that he's younger and better defensively. He's so much alike Streit, being swiss and all. In the interim, why not switch Markov to the other side, and play S. Kostistyn on the other side. upfront, maybe Kovalev, Tanguay and AK46.
  • Comment on Habs win in shootout (2008-10-29 11:44:21)
    As far as the rules are concerned, when it comes to waiving a player, say Latendresse, if we try and waive him, he could be picked up by another team, right? fantastic! waive him! Otherwise, If we send him to Hamilton. my sister lives there and can rent him out a room.
  • Comment on Bégin, Laraque, Brisebois in the press box (2008-10-29 00:40:27)
    Hamrlik was injured in the 3rd period. I hope it isn't serious. So the habs had a full complement of players for 3 quarters of a game. How many games since we scored a PP goal? I'm concerned. our PP seemed very disorganized and not moving the puck around much, and not shooting enough. I noticed in the 2nd period Pleks with a great scoring chance, and elected to pass. I guess he's still playing "like a little girl". And our defence was horrendous. If Hamrlik misses much time, we're screwed! I shudder the thought of Brisesh*t back in the lineup,along with Latelensh*t . Latalentless really belongs in the juniors, not even good enough for Hamilton. yeah by xmas, Pac will be up with the club. I doubt Latalentless will score another goal. He's this year's version of Ryder, 2 years past version of Samsonov, except he has NO TALENT and he'll score less goals.
  • Comment on Bégin, Laraque, Brisebois in the press box (2008-10-28 20:32:37)
    I'm thankful for Tanguay. I wish I could say the same for Latalentless. he finfs more ways to screw up a 2 on 1 than anyone in the history of the NHL!
  • Comment on Bégin, Laraque, Brisebois in the press box (2008-10-28 15:03:58)
    it's easy to focus on Gui because he never scores.
  • Comment on Spector’s Top 10 (2008-10-27 18:53:34)
    I just heard that Breezer will probably bi the lineup tomorrow night. OMG! When will Carbo put the team before friendship with his buddy? If Breezer coughs up the puck, you have my permission to start booing him. That will take him out of the lineup.
  • Comment on Higgins in, AK 46 skates (2008-10-26 12:03:46)
    So everyone thinks that the team is playing well because we won 5 games? and all lines are scoring right? before AK46 was injured, they weren't scoring. hey you don't have to believe me. look at lines scoring. I'm telling you, quoted by Carbo:"if kovalev's line doesn't start to score, we'll have to try other combinations". look at who we beat, all below 500 teams, and even our coach says we're not playing well.I think the habs are a bit complacent, sitting on their laurels of last year. look, I hope we play better, and think our offence will score enough, but I'm really concerned about our defence. And I hoped you guys wouldn't bash me for stating my opinion. I was wrong! show some respect for other opinions please.
  • Comment on Higgins in, AK 46 skates (2008-10-26 11:42:33)
    HI/O PLEASE UPDATE THIS WEBSITE AFTER EACH GAME! But as far as the habs are concerned, Gainey has failed to address his defensive problems. He should have gotten 2 more Dmen in the offseason. And Komiszarek does not seem like the same player as last year. He's not hitting, and he gives away the puck too often. Our defence is as porous as swiss cheese. If you recall, we had problems last year on D, giving up 35 shots/game. nothing has changed! And as far as our offence is concerned, all is not well. We only have 2 guys scoring, Tanguay and Kiovu. You can forget Latendresse. He's a wasted linemate on that line . If he doesn't score anymore goals by game 25, don't be surprised if Gainey waives him , or finds a way to send him to Hamilton. You can't pay someone 1 or 2 mil for no goals. And Kovalev's line has produced a grand total of 4 goals in 8 games. They need to get going, otherwise split up the line. Hopefully AK46 will be back on Tuesday. I think so far, last year's habs were actually better than this team, but too early to tell. Our pp was more productive, and we seemed to be more in sync. Perhaps we overachieved last year, and this year's edition is the real habs, finishing around 6th place. But 1 thing is clear:"WE ARE NOT STANLEY CUP CONTENDERS YET"! Maybe we just need more time to straighten things out. I do agree with another comment,that we need a former NHL Dmen to become an assistant coach, and help our D. Tho Jarvis, Carbo were defensive forwards, they weren't defencemen, and it makes a difference. I truly believe that next year we'll make a serious run. After all, we'll have Weber for our PP, Yemelin? maybe Valentenko? McDonough? In any case, next year we'll have more Dmen to work with, and we'll know where we stand with our UFA's. Maybe not bringing Kovalev back, would be a good thing, because I just can't see him having a year like last year. His goals will go down. I peg him at 20 goals only, and not worth 5.5 mil. ok I'm done. hope you guys don't bash me for my honest comments. I'm finished ranting. I just needed to get that off my chest.
  • Comment on Higgins in, AK 46 skates (2008-10-25 23:55:02)
    too bad we have no defence!
  • Comment on O’B scratched (2008-10-24 18:16:37)
    I said earlier today, that the habs need to make a deal with Vancouver for 1 of their D men, preferasbly Bieska. they need offence and we need defence.prospect and Boouillon for Bieska. But if we can somehow hold off until the trade deadline, then we can snatch a D man(UFA) from a team out of the playoff race, for a relatively small price. The question is, can we hold on til then? I don't think so. But I have to say that Bouillon and Breezer together makes me cringe! We absolutely need a big D man. Why on earth would Carbo play Breezer instead of O'Byrne? So O'byrne hasen't played that well, but what's so great about Breezer? Oh I forgot, he's best friends with Carbo! sickening how friendship manipulates a decision.