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  • Comment on Giggy robs them (2010-10-07 19:14:44)

    How symbolic.  The dock and water represent the long summers the leafs have between regular seasons.

  • Comment on Giggy robs them (2010-10-07 16:26:46)

    Great.  I'm a huge JC fan, I hope this doesn't ruin him for me.  Thinking of Dion P every time I hear that song.  That is bad.

  • Comment on Islanders bring B team to A city (2010-10-02 11:01:34)

    The problem is the Habs do outdraw the Leafs, but the numbers are split between RDS and CBC, so from the CBC's perspective the Leafs are the way to go since they are not losing a third of their numbers to another network.  I think the CBC should look at why a lot of english speaking fans such as myself prefer to watch the Habs on RDS even though I don't understand most of it.

  • Comment on Updated audio: Price gets start vs. Thrashers (2008-02-26 00:01:11)
    Some people have been complaining that Carbo doesn't know how to handle his goalies. Maybe he is learning - he is putting Price in to give him a chance to redeem himself which is what any goalie would want (I know since I am a goalie but at a tenth the talent of these guys although the feeling is the same). Also, he is letting them know in advance so they can prepare for the game - no guessing. I think this is the better way to go, it may have nothing to do with a trade. John Paddock decided the same thing for Ottawa although I hope our results are better. I would take Huet over Emery any day of the week.
  • Comment on About the last two nights … (2007-12-29 23:43:08)
    Don't knock the Ontario Teacher's Pension Fund! They are the perfect owner for the leafs - bought the organization in order to make money, not build a contender. As a teacher in Ontario and a Habs fan, I love the fact that the leafs have owners who only care that the ACC is filled every night with fools spending money, and that it's a great investment for my pension. I have friends who like the leafs and they hate the fact that Teachers owns their team, since there is no incentive to build a winning team - as long as they make money they are happy, and as long as the leafs suck I am happy. Otherwise I like your list although I always liked Sittler and Wendel.