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  • Comment on Game 5: Price nabs first win at home in months (2010-10-17 03:44:42)

    the french media is always asking dumb questions..and learn how to speak english !! (especially rds crew)

  • Comment on Game 3: Canadiens blow fuse vs. Lightning (2010-10-14 01:08:31)

    yes there was missed calls by the refs..but it's always going to happen..u cant blame the game on that..truth is habs got too many penalties, they gotta be more disciplined and you let Tampa get 48 shots on net..some will go in eventually..would like to see more from the first line, Pouliot keeps screwing up, he gets chances but he cant hit the net..AK46 finally played a good game hopefully now he wont be sleeping for a month or more..and im really happy with Price's performance, for a young guy with a lot of pressure with the trade of Halak and all, and for a goalie that didn't see much action in the 2nd half of last season..and barely in playoffs (I think last time he started 3 games in a row was in december 2009) I'm not worried about his goaltending this season he will do his job and he will only get better. I like Halpern's line with Max and Eller who wins battles along the boards and smart with the puck, looking forward to see him grow in this team. Max with a nice goal but very bad hit on Downie..he has to be smarter than that.

  • Comment on Game 1: Canadiens drop opener in Toronto (2010-10-08 03:47:35)

    ur so annoying