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  • Comment on Shootout! (2011-01-22 18:31:59)

    Longest serving captain (in terms of days), high up on a lot of all time scoring lists. Of course the intangiables (heart, dedication, etc.) are beyond reproach. The only knock against him is that he never won a cup, and we all know that was not from lack of trying on his part. He's the most significant player on this team by far in the post-Roy era (depending how the next few years go...maybe Price, Subban, or Plekanec will have the playoff success that he didn't). Cups is a terrible measure of a player's value to a franchise when you're looking at guys in the last few decades. It's not Koivu's fault that he was playing on terrible, terrible Montreal teams that had no chance at winning it all. Plus, when you're in an era of 26-30 teams, it's completely unreasonable to expect a cup win.


    I'd retire his number. He was the only player in the last two decades that was worthy of a significant spot in the Canadiens legacy. Growing up with the Habs, Koivu meant as much to me as Lafleur and Dryden meant to my Dad. Honestly, the Koivu Cancer/Theodore Heart year stands out in my mind as my favorite season as a Habs fan more than the '93 cup or the '10 playoff run. I know we can't retire every number, but 11 will always be Koivu to me and most of my generation, no matter what happens. His legacy speaks for itself. Retire it.


  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 01:48:39)

    What I don't understand is that they clearly track the usage on the site. Every month we get an update on how much their viewership/readership (I'm not sure what the right word is, I guess it's kind of both) has grown. It should be clear that the servers should be adjusted accordingly. Habs Inside/Out does a great job of covering the Habs, and is definitely my go-to source for news, updates, analysis, etc. It's a shame that something as simple as, what I understand to be, a very fixable problem (getting a proper server), derails what is otherwise an excellent website.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 01:39:57)

    Cammalleri, like pretty much every sniper in the league, is streaky. Yes, he's struggled through the bulk of the season (and I use the term struggled loosely, he is, after all, second on the team in points). He also put up almost a goal per game through the first two rounds of the playoffs, and lead the league in playoff goal scoring despite only playing 3 rounds. He's not as bad as his slump suggests nor as good as his hot streak suggests. If he's going to struggle, I'd rather it be now than in the playoffs. He's shown he can bring his "A" game when it truly matters for the Habs, and as a result I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 01:31:46)

    Boone, you're well aware of these server problems, and yet you don't, say, write something like Quick Hits or About Last Night... in a document somewhere, anywhere, on your computer and then copy and paste it?

  • Comment on 2-0 after two (2010-12-26 19:43:02)

    Come on everyone, we all knew the Habs would come out terrible this period. All things considered, I'll take the 1-0 defecit. This isn't the kind of game we can really judge the team on.

  • Comment on No Pleks, no problem (2010-11-05 20:19:15)

    I saw Vladimir Konstantinov get a breakaway in a game against the Oilers years ago. He dumped the puck in the corner and went off on a line change.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-10-28 00:03:18)

    I also came out of this game thinking how impressive it was that the Islanders only had 231 shots. The last few years it's been more in the 300+ range

  • Comment on Sanford, White, Maxwell, Henry, Weber to ‘Dogs (2010-10-06 18:27:44)

    Haha. That's great.

    However, I assume that the whole "23 year old professional athlete in peak physical condition" thing will override the "occasional smoker" issue when dealing with the flu.

  • Comment on Sanford, White, Maxwell, Henry, Weber to ‘Dogs (2010-10-06 18:25:39)

    If the leafs allow a goal against that 2nd PP unit, their entire coaching staff should be fired on the spot.

  • Comment on Globetrotters beat Generals! (2010-10-02 22:41:02)

    To be fair, compared to the other 9, the "Big Three" isn't much of a stretch