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  • Comment on Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs (2008-02-10 14:43:13)
    The Habs 4th in the conference can change to 10th with less than a hand full of games. Special teams. The power play is not where it is comparing to a month ago. As for PK, Carbo and Jarvis were one of the best in PK, why is it that we are sitting around the 20th spot in the league. Great doers can not always be great teachers. All I am saying is that, certain decisions are being taken that have been mistakes in the past but we keep making the same mistakes. Example. Favoritism (Patrice and Guillaume) Time out calls Putting the right line out Getting the best out of your players. 5 on 3 PP He is being out coached most of games, and it hurts when it is a home game where he has the last change. Some posts have indicated where he has been out coached so I will repeat them. (ex. Toronto game) The reason this team is in 4th place is not because of Carbo, it is because of Kovalev.
  • Comment on Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs (2008-02-10 13:15:47)
    I must admit I did not read all the comments on the other pages before I posted mine. It seems that alot of us are angry. Thank-you HP, C12, TIMO, SHOBUD for responding. On January 22, 2008 when the Habs beat the Bruins 8-2, THE BIG EGO called a time out with five minutes to go leading 8-2 because the Bruins were pressing. The record for the Habs for eight games prioir was 6 wins and 2 losses, and since then the record is 4 wins and 4 losses. As a coach, that time out call was not only an insult to the Bruins but was also an insult to my own team. Pro players have emotions as much as everyone else, and it is the job of a coach to control and communicate with those emotions.
  • Comment on Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs (2008-02-10 11:30:36)
    I just wanted to take twelve hours to re-think my thoughts after last nights game. I was at the game with Starr Express (Team 990), great trip. I have posted before what my thoughts are and some of you have completely disagreed. I said it once and will say it again and again and again, THE TROUBLE WITH THE CANADIENS STARTS BEHIND THE BENCH. The reason Patrice (BRISBYE) Brisbois is playing is beacuse he is Carbo's friend from the 1993 Stanley Cup team. Why wasn't Dandy dressed for the game? For all you who will give the reason he hasn't played defence all year, he won the CUP with Detroit as a defenceman. The reason Guillaume (CAN'T SKATE, CAN'T HIT, TOO SLOW) Latandresse is playing is because of the pressure from the media in Montreal. I don't buy any other arguments, from Guy (THE BIG EGO) Carbonneau. Someone on the bus said Guillaume can't even hit water if he fell of a boat. SO TRUE. The game is ninety seconds old and it is 2-0 and there is no time out called. Oh yes, I forgot, we were not leading 8-2 or it wasn't the last minute of the game. Smoke-Kosto-Begin were playing against there first line and it was obvious it was not working out. If you watch other teams play against top lines they fight fire with fire and what is wrong with that? Loosing 5-0 end of the second period, and have a 5 on 3 power-play for a full two minutes. What does THE EGO DO? Sends out two defencemans, why not Kovalev at the point and why not for the full two minutes, and maybe even five attackers, what would be the worst case scenerio. 6-0 WHO CARES. At least you tried. THE BIG EGO has NO CLUE what to do behind the bench. Him and his stinking system. Loosing to the Rangers after leadind 3-0, almost loosing to the Senators after leading 4-1 and especially loosing to The Leafs are all UNEXCUSABLE. It is time and the time is NOW for Gainey to take a look at this very closely, before the downward spiral starts as it did last year at this time with seven straight loses. Communication with your players is a major part of coaching and THE BIG EGO can't seem to understand that and I don't believe he ever will. For all you who are still supporting him and thinking that he is doing the best he is given with GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE.
  • Comment on Brisebois will miss game vs. Isles (2008-01-15 13:24:47)
    FANTASTIC What about Smolinski? Having both on a 5 on 3 powerplay TWICE on Saturday was for the ages. I still can not believe that.
  • Comment on Huet, Latendresse to face Capitals; Ryder sits (2007-12-20 15:40:02)
    When a player strugles the way Ryder is, it is up to the coach to make sure he snaps out of the slump and to get motivated. But you are right, Carbo keeps on putting him in situations where he feels uncomfortable. He should be sitting at home and playing on the road. Great point Ed. Another reason why Carbo does not know how to motivate or communicate with players.
  • Comment on Huet, Latendresse to face Capitals; Ryder sits (2007-12-20 15:26:13)
    No you are not an idiot. Carbo does not have the brains to play any other system than his so called simple system, which the players don't seem to be buying in. As far as I am concerned, depending on the score and how the game is going, strategies change. 2-1 game or a 5-0 game each merit a different type of strategy (coaching), this is where Carbo fails. (along with other points which I will not get into). Throw off the opposition with different plays, come on now you are asking too much from a "my way or the high-way" type of a coach. (I am just being sarcastic) A great XMAS present for Carbo will be the book titled HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnagie.
  • Comment on Game 34: Latendresse, Huet start trip with a win (2007-12-20 12:55:33)
    Can you please explain what that system is? Three strikes against Carbo. #1 A comment by him that was repeated on several occasions. "I sleep very comfortably at nights wheather we win or loose" DO YOU CARE? #2 Never ever call out your players in public, that includes the veterans as much as the youth. Calling out veterans will have an effect on the youth too. #3 Comments of yesterday, "I don't know, create a system that is easy to follow" Key words being, "I don't know" WHAT ARE YOU BEING PAID FOR AGAIN? COMMUNICATION is a big part of everyones life no matter what field you work in. I don't think Carbo has the ability to communicate with his players. Don't get me wrong, I loved him as a player, but not all great players can become great coaches or even communicaters. If you go back in history, not only in hockey, in every pro sport, greatest coaches ( Lombardi, Bowman to name a few) have all been great communicators which in return will get the best out of your players. Carbo does not have this ability, maybe he will in the future, but before it is to late and we demoralize our youth and tick off our veterans something must be done. I believe that the veterans who are on this team still care about the CH.
  • Comment on Game 33: Panthers continue dominance of Habs (2007-12-19 09:59:42)
    The team is alright. It is only one game. Players are not the problem. We have a very good mixture of young and veteran talent. But this type of a team requires a certain type of coaching. I have said it before and will say it again and again and again. GUY CARBS IS NOT THE RIGHT COACH FOR THIS TEAM. I believe we have SIX potential 30+ goal scorers on this team (Sak, Higgy, Kovi, 2 Kost. bros, and Pleks) which is better than having onlt two 40+ goal scorers, but they are so busy thinking defence they are not producing offensively. Guy and Doug were defensive specialists not offensive. What you don't know, you can't teach. Habs need a coach who knows how and when to use checking and energy lines and also let your scoring lines do what they are good at doing, CREATE OFFENCE.I am sick and tired of seeing the same thing every single game, rolling four lines. IT IS NOT WORKING. Every GOOD coach in any pro sports adjusts to situations during every game. CARB HAS NO CLUE HOW TO ADJUST, and players see this. Majority of the people on this site feel that by trading this guy or that guy to bring in a pure goal scorer will help this team. Do you really think that a 40+ goal scorer will be productive in this type of a system? I don't think so. Have a great day everybody.
  • Comment on Game 33: Panthers continue dominance of Habs (2007-12-18 18:05:35)
    I must admit, I have never been a huge fan of Carbo, but I agree with him going with Price tonight. (the hot hand) After tonights game they are gone for a season long six game road trip against WSH, ATL, DAL, TB, FLO, and NYR, and all these teams can be beaten on their home ice and they could come back with at least a 4-2 record which will be very impressive. SK has impressed me on the first line. When Koivu and Higgins are playing their cycle game he puts himself in a position to receive a pass at any time for the quick snap, which I believe Ryder was not doing. All Carbo has to do IMHO is to at least keep this line together until the end of the road trip to see how they gel. If they continue to play well than we know we have two good solid lines which have chemistry and can put the puck in the net. As for Brisbois, I think he will be out of the line-up more often than in. Gorges is playing well and O'Bryn will get better by game playing along side Hamrlik. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 1=Top two lines which have chemistry and can put the puck in the net. 2=Very good checking line (thnx. Chips) 3=Energy line (firecrackers) 4=Very good top four D's 5=Off course, two excellent goalies (one being the future) I think we can easily make the playoffs and maybe win couple of series. I am not saying we will win the cup but..?. Thank-you for reading and GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Game 30: Habs lose sixth straight at home (2007-12-12 11:41:37)
    AGREED 100%.