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  • Comment on Bouillon an insurance policy at Habs’ training camp (2014-09-18 09:06:53)
    An insurance policy against Therrien dying of a broken heart?
  • Comment on Subban, Habs submit salary figures; Lacroix new assistant coach (2014-07-31 14:55:54)
    I assume you're referring to my use of embittered and myopic? Are those insults, or my characterization of the view that: a.) PK hasn't earned a big pay day; b.) that it would adversely affect the dressing room, and; c.) that it would ruin what you call the team's salary stability? Because I happen to find that view to be shortsighted and resentful.
  • Comment on Subban, Habs submit salary figures; Lacroix new assistant coach (2014-07-31 14:51:42)
    See, I don't know that soft is an insult, so much as it's a characterization. By your own admission, he doesn't play a physical game, and he certainly doesn't go to the dirty areas with anything resembling abandon. But that doesn't mean he's a bad player by any means. Quite the opposite! You can be soft and good. Furthermore, I'd argue that the horrific injuries from which he's very admirably battled back are the reason he forces himself to play a softer physical game. As far as the mental side of it is concerned, I mean, he's been pretty up front about how personally he takes his scoring funks, and the toll they take on him.
  • Comment on Subban, Habs submit salary figures; Lacroix new assistant coach (2014-07-31 08:44:24)
    Is PK worth $3.25M more than Markov? Um, yes. Easily. Pacioretty signed a sweetheart deal coming off of a horrific injury. Moreover, not only is he the streakiest player on the Canadiens, but he's both mentally and physically soft. Carey signed the best deal that the market would bear at the time, and even then, people like you still questioned his game. PK Subban is an elite player - not just defenseman, but player - in the NHL. Every advanced possession metric, traditional statistic, and anecdotal evidence supports that. Not only that, but he went Next Level before our very eyes in this year's playoffs, rising to the occasion time and again under unprecedented scrutiny. In short, yeah, he has earned it. And only the most embittered, myopic "fans" would say otherwise.
  • Comment on Subban, Habs submit salary figures; Lacroix new assistant coach (2014-07-31 08:34:14)
    Ugh. "Fans" like you are the problem.
  • Comment on NHL, Habs release complete 2014-15 schedule (2014-06-23 12:07:33)
    For $5/month, you can get a unique DNS number from that lets you see every Habs game on Gamecenter. I've used it for the last 2 years. In fact, I've cut my cable entirely, streaming Hulu & US Netflix instead. All told, I spend $21/month instead of $85+ Apologies if this comes off like an ad.
  • Comment on Habs’ Plekanec earns praise from coach Therrien (2014-01-13 23:55:46)
    You're right. He said he hoped Subban would be on the team. Not that he should, but that he hoped. And he said it weeks after insisting that it wasn't his place to say anything. I think it would be naive of anyone at this point to deny that there's some kind of issue between MT and PK.
  • Comment on Habs’ Plekanec earns praise from coach Therrien (2014-01-13 20:05:00)
    Cool, so Therrien doesn't think it's his place to say who should be named for Team Canada, but goes out of his way to hail Pleks as a serious contender for the Selke? Don't get me wrong, I love Pleks and hope he wins the Selke, but f**k Therrien.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-09 10:41:23)
    It's more than the TOI. The benching, the general manner with which he's handled; can you think of any other NHL superstar - because make no mistake, that's precisely what PK is - whose team treats him this way?
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-09 10:39:46)
    At this point, I'm really struggling to understand why Guy Boucher's sitting at home like a goon while that mustard-stained a**hole screws the Habs up in both the short and long term by alienating PK. No exaggeration, if management's arrogance forces PK to walk, I'm done with this team. For real. It's bad enough I had to sit through almost 20 years of abject garbage post-Roy. I'm not doing it again.