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  • Comment on Suivant! Next! (2010-07-21 16:38:32)

    Benny's gone?  Aye aye aye!

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-17 14:55:55)

    Okay, how's this:  Huet, Seabrook, Sharp and Versteeg for Halak, the brothers K and Spacek.

    Chi-town is DESPERATE for cap space.

    But that means we'll definitely have to let Plekanec go.

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-16 13:27:04)

    Chicago just won the Cup with Niemi and they still have Huet on the books.  Why in God's name do you think they'd have any interest at all in Halak?

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 2: Canadiens fire blanks again (2010-05-19 10:17:35)

    Wow.  I was reading this, nodding my head and thinking I could have written the post myself, and then I read "gotta go with Price for game 3" and almost fell over in my chair.

    We'll be riding Halak wherever he takes us.  He's the primary reason we've made it this far and the habs will either win or lose with him between the pipes.

  • Comment on Flashback: All in a number for Mondou, Goupille (2008-11-03 11:12:18)
    Hey Dave, Wasn't there some question about whether Elmer Lach's jersey was ever retired when the Habs moved the banners from the Forum to the Bell Centre? From what I remember (though I could be wrong) the banners at the Forum didn't have names on them - just numbers. You listed Lach's name among the retired numbers but the Habs' official site doesn't have him on their list: A bunch of older fans insisted at the time the new banners were hung that the 16 at the Forum represented Lach as well as the Pocket Rocket. The story faded away, as they tend to do, but maybe you could look into whether Lach was ever so honoured by the Habs. If there was a retirement ceremony for Lach surely some evidence of it exists in the Gazette arhives (or maybe in Red Fisher's head).
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 13:55:09)
    Nah, but it bugs me when young players don't have any humility or respect for their teams or teammates. A certain amount of cockiness is okay in hockey, but you have to earn it.
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 12:26:24)
    That's a pretty bonehead move at this point when you consider that four of the eight players that currently patrol the blue line for the Habs are UFAs at the end of the season. Hopefully Komisarek and Bouillion will be back next year, although I could see a team that's hurting for D-men (i.e. TB) offering Bouillion more than the Habs would be willing to pay him. I certainly don't see Brisebois or Dandenault coming back next season. It seems to me that, had he stuck around, Velentenko would have been likely to have cracked the Habs' lineup next season at the latest. Who knows, maybe Gainey will trade one or more of those guys before February and Velentenko would have ended the year with the big club. Oh well, if this is true, then good riddance says I. A 21 year old that would leave town under false pretences and then sign in another league isn't the type of player I want on my team anyways. He’s way too much of a prima donna for my tastes, much like his countryman Grabovski (who, BTW, has two points and is a minus-4 in nine games this season – LOL).
  • Comment on Greetings to new Inside/Out family members (2008-10-15 16:51:18)
    I recently started reading a great new blog by an experienced local guy that's been covering the Habs for the CP for nearly a decade. You may also recognize his name from the weekly Amateur Athlete feature in the Gazette sports section. He's Arpon Basu and you can find his blog here: Check him out! You should get him into the HIO fold too.