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  • Comment on Laraque throws helmet into federal political ring; carves Parros (2013-07-10 10:44:53)
    I used to think the Greens were just the NDP with a focus on the environment. Then they(she?) voted against an NDP environmental motion last session. And shilled for the liberal party during the Labrador election.
  • Comment on Gallant, Jodoin join coaching staff; Development camp video (2012-06-16 11:52:04)
    Which thing is he getting unfairly scapegoated for? Is it imposing and subsequently not debating a mammouth sized budget bill that rather than dealing with the budget, guts environmental regulations and makes it harder for the elderly to collect OAS? Or is it destroying the gun registry and then not letting provinces like Quebec keep the data if they so desire? Or was it attempting to get a bill through that would allow the government to spy on you?
  • Comment on And on the seventh day … (2012-01-22 17:56:24)
    I think we should look at who would be in support of your proposal and who would be against. SUPPORT -Superstars, who's salaries would surely rise - Canadian fans or teams from the NE USA - Small market teams -as explained below, this would lower the cap league wide AGAINST -The rest of the NHLPA. Creating a cap system that is based on post tax earnings will eat into the amount of expenses, thereby lowering the salary cap and leaving less money for them. -Owners of teams in heavily taxed areas, especially Molson. Why create rules that force you to spend more money than your rivals to get the same quality product? Moreover, this would easily get teams involved in local politics. I can just imagine that during tax debates, local owners say that taxes on the rich will affect their abilities to ice a competitive team.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Plus ça change … Devils 5 – Canadiens 3 (2011-12-17 23:08:21)
    I'm not sure you've ever dealt with the media before but that's a great way to turn something minor into something huge.
  • Comment on Campoli on Canadiens’ flight (2011-10-02 17:17:27)
    Just so we're keeping track, not only do you not understand hockey, you're apparently not the wisest of parents. If your kid gets bullied, should we expect you to send your cousin who lives in the attic, who's a drain on the families resource to go kick the crap out of a child? No. A responsible parent teaches their kid how to stand up to bullies, and it's not by fighting. You know what limits cheap shots? Power play goals. I'd much rather have Yannick Weber on the fourth line and to step in for the power play than some goon that plays a couple minutes.
  • Comment on Something different for a Monday (2011-08-22 16:53:39)
    I get your drift but I'm not sure the party ever lacked respectibility. Bear in mind that the NDP is the party that gave us healthcare, the Canadian Pension Plan and the precursor to our constitution. To be honest, outside of the Blue Helmets, a huge amount of the government policies that set us apart from the US are the progeny of NDP policies.
  • Comment on Yemelin in action (2011-08-19 17:46:42)
    Considering there isn't an actual ch sound in Hebrew, the closest approximation would be a hard Gimel ג'רה
  • Comment on P.K. helps Haiti (2011-07-07 14:06:43)
    This was hardly an either/or proposition.
  • Comment on Audio: Gauthier loads up on the blue line at NHL draft (2011-06-26 15:18:19)
    I'm not quite sure why people are freaking out over the drafting of defencemen. Young forwards on the team include Pacioretty, Eller, Leblanc, Kristo as top flight prospects. Include Avstin, White, Gallagher, Bournival, Palushaj and (hopefully)Shultz, we have a pretty decent forward base. Compare that to Subban, Webber, Emelin, Tinordi, Beaulieu and not much else, I'm pretty happy with the focus on defence
  • Comment on And this year’s winner of the Jaro Halak Trophy is … (2011-05-08 22:40:39)
    Considering he's one of a handful of hockey players that have come out in support of gay rights, he should be applauded for this move.