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  • Comment on Sorry, but size DOES matter (2010-05-17 19:31:40)

    I remember last year, one of my friend made me notice something, one of the many differences between komisarek and markov. In a nutshell, he said markov doesn't give big hits like komi that'll get crowds cheering, but after his maybe lesser hit, he's the one coming out with the puck.

    I kept thinking back to that yesterday, watching (ok, maybe not all the time but I remember noticing it quite a few times) georges getting slammed in the boards while another Habs went away with puck left loose. So I'd have to agree, it's not all about size (which presumably overall is roughly the same for both teams) but how you use that size. Nevermind yesterday's score, I think the Habs use their brains a little more when it comes down to using their size.

    Thoughts? What my buddy said made a lot of sense but maybe I'm just biased as I watch the game lol

  • Comment on ALIVE!!! (2010-05-10 20:34:11)

    lol gotta love the faces lapierre makes, cracks me up lol

  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 19:57:31)

    I honestly wonder what the rest of the Pens think about Crosby. Not that they would say it openly but I wonder how they feel about him.

  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 19:56:03)

    Agreed 100%. My feelings exactly. Ovie was shaken and depressed after their loss but at least he wasn't whining.

  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 19:54:56)

    Someone's gotta slam Crosby and try to take a referee with it, even if that means 10 minutes... The reffing in this period alone has been so bad, it's unbelievable. It's hard to believe in conspiracy that last call was just too much for crying out loud, the ref didn't even freaking see it. Gill raises his hands every time and it doesn't change a thing. Crosby lifts them once and oops, there's a penalty! BS.

    On a positive note, the Habs aren't playing so bad. Penguins are definitely better than the Caps in my book but we're able to battle them and given a fair chance, we definitely can win it. Otherwise, let's hope Halak makes all the saves and that Flower lefts a couple more in with this reffing...

    This is frustrating to watch.

  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 21:26:23)

    Agreed. Not what I meant but I realize it could be interpreted that way...

    I wasn't sure how to name it but habs loyalty wasn't a good choice. I guess pessimism would be more accurate but as you said, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just optimistic kind lol.

    No harm meant.

  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 21:21:13)


    I was thinking of a few comments but my thought about it were really more about the name calling that was in it so I guess I only have one point.

    My bad, I by no means meant to judge anybody's loyalty to the Habs, sry if I came out that way.

  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 21:08:08)

    Evening all,

      I read posts and comments here daily and I've followed through the months the many attempts by Boone (among others) to somewhat regulate the... level of maturity and respect used in the comments section. It's astounding and sad to see how low it can go, on nights such as this one. Is there seriously any point, any advantage to name calling, bashing, insults, and the list goes on? Will Boone have to simply eliminate comments to bring his point across??? Are we all 15 again?

      There's really 2 aspects to it, one I think we can all somewhat live with a litte more.

      First is personal 'attacks' of any kind. Personal opinion : please just don't bother posting 'cause it brings nothing of interest, pushes others to reply similarly and will in the end just doom us all (you know eventually they'd have to simply turn the feature off).

      Second is I guess 'Habs loyalty'. I love the Habs win or lose and we all know the Caps are highly favored in this serie. This doesn't mean I'm gonna give up, call them morons (or whatever else has been seen), be pessimistic before the game even begins, yada yada. Realistic but hopeful maybe, but surely not pessimistic. As muich as I'd personally prefer not to see that kind of attitude around a Habs website (read Habs direhard fan website), I think we can all deal with it, given it's discussed in a civil and mature manner.

      So please, help us keep this website alive and civilized. Think twice before u post and if it does not contain anything worth reading, just walk away and allow us to discuss of our favorite team in peace.


      Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of the game (4-1 woot!).

      Thanks Boone for your efforts, they are appreciated by all.


  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 19:32:47)

    I'm just speechless at this lack of disciplinary actions against Chara as I'm sure many here are. Well maybe not speechless based on the quantity of comments but you get my drift. The question that's been on my mind all afternoon is "what is it gonna take?". The only thing worse than this is someone either dying or become severely handicapped for life (which might just turn out to be the case here...).

    I've been reading through some posts here and other websites and it seems clear that the majority of hockey fans believe something needs to be done. So as many other here stated, what can we do as fans? I'm angry at Chara sure but in a greater perspective, I'm sad/angry my favorite sport, our national sport, is being managed like this.

    But realistically, and seriously, what can we do? Petitions? They always help but I'm unsure if they'll really make a difference. Would an assembly at the Bell Center with presence from the media have a possible greater impact? I mean, somehow, we really have to try and send a message to the NHL direction.

    I remember reading a post earlier where someone mentioned that the Habs Direction was being (trying to recall the exact words).. was honoring their long lasting image by remaining silent. If you flip that coin, I think an incident in the capital of hockey might just be what's needed to create a change. In my opinion, I think you could argue that as the oldest team in the league (and one of the oldest franchise in modern sport history), the Habs have the 'obligation' and 'responsability' to take a stand when their sport goes down the gutter. Similarly, I think we as fans (who rightfully call themselves the best fans, or least the most passionate) also have a certain obligation to at least react and make our concerns known. One way or another.

    Mr. Boone, The Gazette and everyone here, would you consider a general quiet protest outside the Bell Center sometime this weekend? Do you think anything can be achieved?

    Thanks for reading and best of luck to Pacioretty.