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  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 12:05:15)
    #9. It does good things to your posture.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 12:03:19)
    Dipsy doodler - you aren't discussing seriously. I'd have taken Bourque as a Hab any day. He was brilliant. He should have played here, but even without that, he earned the respect of every eye that paid attention to what he was doing out there.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 12:00:21)
    We like to look at knees, shoulders, ankles, anything but brains until they are concussed. I'd argue that a pre-concussion brain really matters in hockey, as in most everything else. Lindros never struck me as intelligent enough to reach his physical potential. It sounds cruel, but we will happily discuss what life would be like if Brendan Gallagher were 6'5. The great players may have demons like Doug Harvey did, but they still are intelligent out on the ice. They learn fast and adjust.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 11:51:01)
    I don't know. It is always subjective, and I was young when Orr played. He was a Bruin, but taberslack, he was good. He was good on a good team, and he could still pick them up by the scruff of the neck and make things happen. The knees, the tragic knees... Orr and Robinson were my favourites to watch, even if Orr hurt the Habs sometimes. I really don't think he is over-rated in the history of hockey. I think Robinson is under-rated, however, because his team was so good.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 09:29:08)
    The moment Kovalev`s name comes up, the flaw appears. He scored a mighty 23, 18, 35 and 26 goals for the Habs. One good season. We as fans were desperate for talent after some very lousy teams, and Kovalev, a second tier scorer, looked like a star to those who hadn't seen stars. Yes, he had skills when he bothered to show them, but he was no superstar. If he's your baseline, you're screwed. Subban is caught in the same optic. He is not a top six defenceman in the league. He could be, but it has taken a little extra time for him to get perspective on his role. He has played some very immature, and early on, self-centered hockey out there, a la Kovalev. He has a Norris from a short season, but he followed it with a very un-Norris like full season. To be the player a lot of fans want him to be, he has to put together a series of great seasons. Larry Robinson, Doug Harvey, Guy Lapointe, Serge Savard - these guys all managed that. They were generational defencemen. Subban has not achieved that. I hope he takes under 7.5 (he'll be my favourite Hab if he does) and gets to work - not in a gym for publicity clips so we can all admire his strength, but on the ice. I don't care if he eats entire deer, fur, antlers and all, for protein, and then lifts friggin' trains. Before I anoint him a d-man for a generation, he has to double his goal and assist totals and become a consistent force on defence. I want the guy to go there - I want the team to win. So far, he is a strong weapon in the Canadiens arsenal, with the potential to become a consistent top 12 defenceman in the league. That would be useful. If he peaks higher than he has shown with maturity and improved on ice judgement (he should with age and experience), I can see him as a legitmate Olympic team regular for Canada. That's what we could get. We don't need a player for a generation. This generation needs a team that is a perennial challenger for the Cup, and that wins one as a team. I wouldn't mind if they won four or five. That's how we'll remember Subban, as part of a team for a generation, as many of us remember the great, balanced teams of the 70s. Otherwise, we are getting caught up and falling in pucklove with one man, and using that to substitute for the team in a team game.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 08:59:14)
    A lot of people here have a high opinion of White as a hockey player, but indications are the GMs of the NHL don`t see it that way. Time to move on and try new options.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 21:43:23)
    It was great til Molson gave out the free beer. Too too much of a stretch!
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 14:02:50)
    Can I be the devil's advocate? Therrien is a hardass, nasty old school bully of coach. I could not believe they hired him when they did. Any chance we owe PK for Therrien, since PK did kind of breakdown on the team concept at the end of the Cunneyworth debacle? Maybe PK, with his potential, was worth hiring a little tailor-made tough coaching for? Subban appears like a strong, confident young guy who could run over a gentler coach. I've wondered that a few times, especially at the start when the hiring of Therrien drove me up the wall. I'll bet you term and money are the only real issues. If PK wants to be a coach killer, he can join a long list of players who have known how to gather support in the room and lead a quiet, effective revolt. He doesn't need that in a contract. It's been done hundreds of times without one. BTW - I've come to respect Therrien, so that is not a "blame PK for the ills of our coaching". I think the miserable nasty bully is actually able to do the job very well.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 13:43:10)
    You only have to look at Savard, Lapointe and Robinson on the same team as Lafleur, Shutt, Lemaire... ouch. On one level, it would have been nice for those guys to get buckets more money than they did, although they seem to have done well. Fans who got to enjoy those teams did well too - in this era of sports money, half the 70s Habs team would have been replaced by career AHLers so they could keep the other half.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 10:01:23)
    The great thing in the PK negotiations is the silence. They have managed this brilliantly, and it does keep us talking 'hockey' well into the summer. Does he want 6.5? Doubt it with his ego, and they wouldn't have cut Gorges to pay for his demands in that case. Does he want 8? Who wouldn't. Does he want 10? Probably. But then again... Then there's the club side. What are the longterm plans for spending to improve the club? What are the longterm Cap implications for the entire length of the contract, not just for the next 2-3 years? Do they think they can build around him? How much is this huge personality worth marketing-wise? How much is this huge personality manageable in a team context? I'm obviously not a dedicated PK fan. When he came around in the World Juniors, he was a delight. I was really excited to see him as a Hab, and was sure we had a superstar. Watching him as a pro has made step back a little. I think he can be brilliant out there, but that he was not the top d-man on the team last year, let alone in the league. He should have been - the talent is there - but Markov was the man for three quarters of the season. Let's see how negotiations go, and if he is able to work with Bergevin for the good of the team. I don't think Bergevin is going to be unreasonable here - he has been pretty generous and has shown a lot of longterm savvy in his signings. If PK doesn't sign before arbitration, he'll have left a good offer on the table. I think that's a given. I hope he doesn't do that. It's time to see him on the ice, proving what he can become. Sign him and see.