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  • Comment on Waiting for Kovalchuk (2010-07-03 09:56:35)

    Kovalchuk... But Avtsin terminated his KHL contract and is currently in Montreal for Devv Camp!!!

  • Comment on Game 3 (audio): Habs rally past Flyers (2008-10-13 22:12:00)
    AK46 played a sick game and .. hello he scored.. and yet here and tsn "", failed to mention it haha.. Good game could've been better, the start was plain boring with all the stoppage in time.. and the tone throughout the game was up and down. Lang and Sergei we're very present the whole game through and I loved Kovalev's pass to Hammer fooled Biron "he so thought he'd shoot it!" Lats and Lapierre can skate.. that's it.. I want Chips and D'Agostini in the line up! and YA PAYBACK!! GO HABS GO!
  • Comment on Game 2: That’s more like it – Habs whip Leafs (2008-10-12 00:17:52)
    You know the game is over when the spokesmen repeatedly state that our 4th line players are out-skating and forechecking their 1st line.. and I lol'd at Antropov's celebration after his "goal"!
  • Comment on Game 2: That’s more like it – Habs whip Leafs (2008-10-12 00:09:53)
    Not sure if it was me or someone else, but I still stand by my words! One game still won't change my overall opinion on him... but we'll see as the season continues.. Seems like both of last year's conference finalist made a comeback from their first season game! :D I know this game just ended, but I'm already excited for the next CMONNN make time go faster!!!
  • Comment on Game 2: That’s more like it – Habs whip Leafs (2008-10-11 22:53:44)
    it's the leafs.. anyone can score on this lame team haha! jk, I don't want to disrespect them.. But we killed them! yes it is one game, but.. WE KILLED THEM haha amazing game, nice passing, great positioning, solid D, impeccable goaltending, chemistry development and young guys stepping up! I hope the season continues to develop in this manner. I think the 4th line really gave everyone a boost in momentum during the first period with great forechecking and I love how both Lang and Tanguay are making their respective places with the Habs! Hammer is playing flawlessly, our captain is sending some key passes and Kovalev is happy! Sergei is stepping up and showing that he can be just as good as his older bro, no complaints on Lats he made a nice pass and and "okay" goal. There were a few mistakes by our habs, but overall they were overshadowed by the rest of their performance. I was hoping that the Habs can dish out a few more goals in the third, but it's not the first time you see them sit on their lead.. probably cuz they were running out of fuel.. Don Cherry knows shit about hockey, his post-game comments on Carbo's decision to play the powerplay line in the dying minutes of the third. We have 2-3 great opportunities by our first line to up our lead! wow I wrote quite a bit.. kinda new to this I just registered earlier today haha :)
  • Comment on Game 1 (audio): Canadiens fall in shootout (2008-10-11 13:26:06)
    good grief, check wings lost against the predicted "worst team" leafs.. habs lost against ranked 17th sabres.. It's only the first game, it'll pick up soon. There still seems to be a conflict in chemistry in the line ups and I agree Lats doesn't and never deserved to be in the 2nd line! the third at most or even the 4th line or none at all! haha btw, this was taken a few weeks ago.. **There's been a lot of talk in Montreal about how Pacioretty's emergence may cost Guillaume Latendresse his spot, and Latendresse responded Wednesday with his first goal of the pre-season. "If I lost my spot, it would be because somebody's played better than me and I don't think anyone has played that well to take my spot," Latendresse said after the game. "But I had to play a good game because if I wasn't playing at my top level it would open the door for other guys. I'm pretty confident with the way I've played since the start of camp."** When I see things like that it infuriates me; how can we keep such a garbage players that boast about his garbage goal, yes it was a garbage rebound! Unlike the two goals D'Agostini and the other two goals Pacioretty netted for us! I'm sorry for being a Lats hater, but I'm only pointing it out for the sole reason that I love the Habs!