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  • Comment on Thanksgiving downer (2008-10-14 09:00:42)
    Terrible news for hackey, but most of all for his family. We listen to the media and we find out he was a great kid, which makes it even worse. But this has to generate a positive result on the prevention side. We seem to see this happens a little more often in the past years. I remember a few young football players that dies of such collapses. It really surprises me considering all the medical attention these guys are getting. Are sports reaching such high level of intensity that the body sometimes can't follow? You would think one of the top hockey prospects has been medically tested inside-out to identify any weakness to the hearth.
  • Comment on Game 3 (audio): Habs rally past Flyers (2008-10-13 21:53:51)
    I feared that game, especially without Laraque. The Flyers are still trying to intimidate and it was a great show of mental as well as physical toughness by the Habs. Smart players should always get the better of the supids guys like Downie and Cote like the Habs did tonight. Can't think of a team I hate more than the Flyers...
  • Comment on Chipchura still on the bubble (2008-10-13 11:01:35)
    Last year Carbo showed, especially at the end of the season, that he can manage this situation very well, keeping guys happy and on their toes. Nice problem to have and sure enough injuries are going to start happening pretty soon.
  • Comment on Game 2: That’s more like it – Habs whip Leafs (2008-10-11 23:01:33)
    Good show! The domination you would expect, even more. But the real test will be passed on Monday against the Flyers. The Flyers kicked our buts no so long ago. remember? I'm sure the guys remeber. It will be interesting to see what team shows up in Phillie. A win over there would be a real confidence booster. As for crunching the poor Leafs, it's nothing to get complacent about.