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  • Comment on Habs want to cut down on shots, or maybe not (2010-04-27 15:13:03)

    go habs go, we will win in washinghton, you can count on it. i want to ask who will we be playingthe next round? is it pittsburg?

  • Comment on Audio: Spy vs Spy at Caps practice? (2010-04-20 13:41:20)

    storm man, it must nice to have so much free time and money, living in upper westmount, god bless you

  • Comment on Home-ice playoff skid hits five games (2010-04-20 09:58:17)

    hi all you habs fans, washington didn't finish first place for nothing, they are a great and skilled team, we are lucky they have weak goalies, they would go very far with a top goalie. we still have a chance if their goalie's have mediocre games and ours play superhuman. the habs got into this position by themselves, if they would have won one or two games down the regular season stretch they would be facing another team. no one will beat pittsburg or wasgington this year. at least we get to see ovechkin, semin and backstrom. go habs go

    p.s. shame on cbc tv for not carrying the habs and not even mentioning them on their reviews, i think they still hold a grudge for us beating the leafs in the 50's 60's and 70's, because its obvious they (cbc) love the leafs.

  • Comment on Audio: Metro should play; Caps start Varly (2010-04-19 13:32:04)

    the weakest players on the team right now are sk74 and max lapierre, i don't like either of them, sk74 is to physically weak to play in the playoffs and lapierre is just plain useless. having said that i would sit lapierre tonight because sk74 could at least  score if a rebound comes his way. Lapierre could be a great defensive player like carbonneau was but he just doesn't have it. GO HABS GO

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 3: Capitals take series lead (2010-04-19 11:30:35)

    good morning all you habs fans, no matter what happens isn't it just fun to watch great players ( ovechkin, backstrom, camalleri, ak46, plecanek) and teams playing  exciting playoff games. The team that wins tonight will win the series, this is like game seven. We (habs) are lucky washinghton has two weak goalies becuase their offensive guns are potent(ovecken, semin, backstom)we are also lucky that semin is missing the net, what a shot he has.anyways two points i would like to make, its true Boone, about the refs, i didn't like knuble snubbing halak, but lets not blame the refs right now. Take that knuble out,  crosscheck his f'ing ass when he is in front of the net. second point , about gomez what if they won the game , he would be praised for fighting, he came to gionta's rescue and thats great!!!! its shows how focused (gomez ) is. good for him.I am reeally impressed with gomez, i thought he was slow and sluggish at the beginning but i see he is fast and effective now. GO HABS GO

  • Comment on Breezer in, O’Byrne, Laraque out (2008-10-30 14:43:19)
    all the hype is gone about laroque, he came as damaged goods and will be all year. the first fight of the season he was the first to go down. i don't see other teams scared of us, example ducks and phoneix
  • Comment on Breezer in, O’Byrne, Laraque out (2008-10-30 14:40:38)
    i never liked breezeby, but he is a veteren and remember he was on of the few who excelled in the playoffs last year. keep him and play him sparingly.
  • Comment on Update (audio): Captain misses practice (2008-10-16 14:55:28)
    gaborik would be a monumental addition, he's a young kovalev, but i wouldn't trade both koivu and higgins, just one of them would be enough plus a 1st round pick