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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-24 13:20:05)
    Unfortunately, it's not possible for the Habs to tie or surpass the Leafs ROW and still be tied with them in points. And even if they could, the Leafs own the season series tiebreaker anyway.
  • Comment on Budaj will be in goal against Jets (2013-04-04 13:04:40)
    Always fun here after a loss. They played one bad game against a desperate hockey team. This is also a team that has matched up well against them in recent years. And the Habs almost won anyway.. If I didn't watch the game or see the score, I'd have thought the score 26-0 based on some of these posts.
  • Comment on They never quit (2010-12-19 20:01:45)
    Apologies if this has been asked, but where's a good place to watch the game online? (besides if possible, since I got a virus from there the other day) Thanks!
  • Comment on About last night … (2010-10-31 08:47:49)
    I read ALN because I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game. While I can't speak for everyone, if you reverted to morning postings, I don't think it would change much. I would guess most people come here for the community, rather than just a news source. JT has been doing the same thing(with her Aftermath:...) and it hasn't stopped me from looking for her articles.
  • Comment on Carey Price (2010-10-09 18:41:56)

    Any streams for the game tonight? I wish my cable provider would get RDS already..

    Thanks in advance.

  • Comment on It’s almost summer – give hockey a rest! (2010-06-19 12:33:43)

    At first, I was shocked and saddened, and was immediately reminded of Le Trade.  However, after settling down, the logistics behind the deal started to make some sense.

    My only beef with the whole situation is why Gauthier couldn't have at least talked to him or Walsh, even if his mind was already made up.  I felt he earned that much at least?

    As NightRyder pointed out, we were only a little over halfway to a Cup this year.  Halak had some outstanding games behind a solid team defense, and there's something to be said about beating the President's Trophy winner and the defending champion back to back.  Everyone remembers the '91 North Stars even though they didn't win.  But yeah.. a losing year, is a losing year.

    Now, if he pulls a Roy and leads the Blues to the Cup next year, well.. that would sting, a LOT.  Not the same as a hall of fame goalie joining a stacked Avalanche team, but hey, never know in this league these days.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 20:35:57)

    That makes more sense.  I guess after how horribly they ended the year during the Centennial, I forgot what a great start they did have.

    But something happened to him to bring him off track.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 20:29:59)

    To be honest, those stats are pretty much moot.  For better or for worse, this is Price's team now.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 20:27:54)

    Yeah, Turco might be good too, but I'm kind of afraid he'll be too expensive.

    I just hope they can do something to get Price back on track, because we'll need him playing the way he's meant to.

    It feels like he's never recovered from dropping that puck in Game 5 against Boston in '08.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 20:17:09)

    It's a shame to lose Halak, and I'll miss him, but I understand the reasoning behind it.  It is a business after all.

    As for his replacement, I wonder if Theodore would want to come back?  I don't know how cheap he'd be, but having a veteran goalie who knows what it's like to play in Montreal might be a good thing for Price. Just spitballin' here.

    I think Price is a good goalie, he just needs to get his head together.